Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Pleasant Home

"A pleasant home should be full of joy and full of beauty -- the beauty of holiness....Our homes should be pleasant, happy, lovely reflections of the joy we have received in Christ."

~Nancy Wilson, Praise Her in the Gates

I am always striving to make our a home a pleasant and lovely place to be. Not only in how it *looks* but also in the atmosphere. I believe we should keep our homes tidy and well-managed. As wives and mothers I believe this is very important. However, even *more* important is keeping an atmosphere of love, comfort, trust, joy, and grace! 

"The pleasant home is gracious. This means it is full of grace. If Christ is not present in our lives, He is not present in our homes...a pleasant home is where our families can laugh together, relax together, work together, eat together in harmony and love."

~Nancy Wilson, Praise Her in the Gates

I highly recommend the book Praise Her in the Gates by Nancy Wilson! I have read it numerous times and will probably read it again (It is full of highlighting and underlining!)! It is full of great, biblical advice on being a Godly woman, wife and mother! 

I am also reading Her Hand in Marriage by Douglas Wilson (Nancy's husband). I am doing a book study with some sisters in Christ on this book. It is about biblical courtship. :) I own and have read many books by Doug and Nancy Wilson. They are really great reads! 

The days have kept me busy. If I don't "have" to do something ~ I find something to do. There are always weeds to pull, grass to mow, gardens to hoe, and a house to clean! :o) Striving to have a pleasant home, for me, includes doing things to make it prettier...even if that just means tidying an area of our lawn that needs it...or adding mulch to areas to dress them up a bit. 

Here's a little bit of what I have been doing lately ~ 

I weeded around all the stepping stones...pulled them all up and then spread bags and bags of mulch...

I'm not finished with this project. I started it last evening and am going to go out and work on it today. You can see I still have extra stepping stones all on my rock wall...

I haven't decided if I want to leave the walkway like this or double the stones up (side by side) to make it easier to walk on...

Chris has still been working on the back porch! The roof is what is being worked on right now. Although that chair isn't there permanently, Chris and I have used it at different times just to take a bit of time and *sit* on our back porch!!! It is just so wonderful!

I have been keeping up with my raised beds (as you saw in my last post) and am excited to see the plants grow daily! (Those boards on the left were the support beams for the posts for the porch. Chris and our Brother-in-Love removed them....and now they are in a pile there. I'm not sure where they are going!)....

Clothes drying out on the line (I don't know *why* it gives me such joy to have clothes hanging out!?)...

A look at the backyard...

The evening sun...

I have been keeping things going inside as well. Here I was washing the dishes...

OK...I gotta run! The morning is getting away from me. I need to have a bit of breakfast and then get to accomplishing my TO DO list! :) I hope you are enjoying your summer days....all to the glory of God! Thank you for stopping by!

Katy :)


  1. Hi Katy, not sure what happened with my comment but i must have hit some button on my computer because it just went poof and it was gone. What I had said was that i love the walkway pictures and all the other pictures too, I especially like pictures of your kitchen. I don't know why but it always looks so organized and comfy and homey looking. You can tell just by the ways you look to your household that Christ is present there. Have a great evening. Blessings,Joann
    P.S. Yours and Maddys handiworks are in use here every day, thanks so much!!

  2. you always have a beautiful and inviting cozy and the stones...

  3. I love when you share books that you like. Because I know I will! I will check that book out.

    1. Wonderful! I pray you like it and find much wisdom in it!!

  4. What a pretty home you've made ❤️

  5. Your home looks lovely and organized. You just inspire me to work on creating and maintaining a clean and orderly home as well as a gracious heart all the time (both of which is challenging with four active kids). :)

    1. Oh sheryl, thank you for saying so! Please know that I am SO far from perfect....and I work every day to be the woman I am to be as well! :) Thank you for your encouragement! :)

  6. Hi! I really love reading your blog. It inspires me to be the best homemaker that I can be.

    What I like also about your blog are the songs on playing on the right side. I wonder why it does not play anymore? Please let it play again. Thank you..


    1. Thank you for your kind words! :) I don't know why my music won't play anymore on my blog! I have tried to figure it out....but am not sure. :)

  7. Your new porch is going to be awesome!!!

  8. Hi Katy. Your new porch looks huge. I love it!! The first thing I noticed in your pic was your washing lol I love purple do it caught my eye. I think your stepping stones look great.

  9. Hi Katy,
    I always enjoy visiting your house. It's such an inspiration. I cannot do much these days, but I did my dishes tonight by myself! I'm learning to do a little then rest. Hope your week is great. I thank you for visiting and saying hello at Harvest Lane Cottage.

  10. Your stepping stones look great... there is always so much to do and it is nice to be able to look back at a job well done. :)

  11. I like your kitchen....I am a silent reader for years.from India..your posts are lovely and inspiring

  12. I like your kitchen....I am a silent reader for years.from India..your posts are lovely and inspiring


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