Friday, May 5, 2017

~ Spring at Home in PA ~

It is most definitely spring 'round here! We have warm, sunny days as well as cool, rainy days. I am so thankful that I got the mowing done earlier this week as it has been raining (and cold) the past few days (and seems that it will continue on into the weekend!). We tried to tough it out and just dress warmly in the house...but it was just *too* Chris started a fire in the outdoor wood burner!

The pictures above and below are showing the progression of something *quite* exciting! Chris is building me a wrap-around back porch! I am super excited....for numerous reasons! One being it will help keep mud out of the house! I am constantly sweeping, vacuuming, and shaking out rugs in the mudroom. It is exhausting! I think it will be glorious to have a porch (with a roof) with a mat outside to wipe boots (or even leave muddy boots out on the porch!!). We will track so much less into the house! Woohoo!

So the porch will come around the side and then around to the back...

The children have enjoyed getting more time to play outside. We like playing Frisbee...

I have seeds started in my little greenhouse. Some have sprouted....some haven't. I'm not sure yet what we'll get but I have white onions, red onions, broccoli (I think), lettuce, celery, peppers and more planted...

These are marigolds I have growing...

I've loved getting loads of laundry out on the lines to dry!

 My hosta are taking off! I just *love* hosta! It's so hardy and quick growing!

I will be sure to update with photos as the porch progressively gets done!

I also got a fantastic large bookcase given to me the other night! It is from my aunt...after helping my mom get hay for her horses ~ we moved the bookcase from my aunt's house to the flat bed...and drove it here and unloaded it here. It was quite heavy and awkward! I'm glad moving it is *done*! I will be sure to take some photos of my living room because it looks a bit different now! :o)

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend! Thank you for all your thoughtful comments on my last post! I hope you will visit me again soon!



  1. So happy for you getting your porch!
    It will be a great extended living place for your family.
    Hoping all your garden plants do well.
    I am just sowing seeds right into the ground here.
    I have never done well transplanting seeds.
    I will buy tomato plants this year.

  2. We love to play Frisbee too! I am not very good and that causes Chuck and Megan to laugh frequently. :) I'm fine with that as laughter is good for a person.

    I am so happy you are getting a porch! The best improvement we ever made was the addition of our back porch. I spend a bunch of time out there. I'm sure you're anxious to see it complete.

  3. So happy for you about the porch! You have such good taste it will be decorated and be used as an outside living room in the warm weather! Roxy

  4. How exciting! I'm so excited to see the reveal when it's finished! Blessings!

  5. A wrap around porch!!! I am so excited for you!! :) Love the pictures of home life too Katy...


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