Saturday, May 20, 2017

Simple Beauty: Flowers

The children and I went to our favorite local greenhouse this past week and got many flowers to plant around the house! The children had gotten me a gift certificate to that greenhouse for Mother's Day so I put that toward the cost! We all *love* that place! :) Pictured above you can see where we started planting in our raised beds. Not much to really *see* yet....but there are things growing there!

Along the side of the garage...

Always loving my hardy hosta!

This hanging basket was won by Madelyn at a Mother's Day lunch at our church...and she gave it to me! :o)

The basket in my log planter (I know it looks lonely...I need to get more to fill that up ~ but they can just be so expensive!) was won at our church's Mother's Day meal by a friend of mine who walked over and gave it to ME! I was so surprised! She said she knows how much I love flowers and didn't think she could keep it alive! Yay!!!

For anyone who is new to my blog....the front of my house needs repainted (actually it needs made into a real, open porch....but we can only do one project at a time and it is not the most important! haha!) so it is not the loveliest of house fronts...but I try my best to make it as pretty and lovely as I can!

To spruce the porch up...I plant flowers....lots of beautiful flowers!

The pictures don't do it truly looks lovely in real life...

These are some I had left over...but not to worry....I found containers and they are now planted as well!!!

My silly Jaxson....

The hosta around my lamp post seems to have caught a bug of some looks sick and dying..? I am really not sure what is going on with it, unfortunately...

My tree I planted a year or two ago....I can't wait until it's grown!!!!

Our home from a distance....a constant work in progress. We still need to side the dormers and figure out what we are doing with the front...but it's home and even if no other work gets done to it, we are grateful for it! Lots of joy and love fill these walls and we are thankful the Lord has given us a house to make a home! We've been here for over 16 years...and things are happening slowly but surely! :)

I gotta run ...I need to get ready for spin this morning! I just wanted to pop on and share these photos quickly! It's been a busy but enjoyable week here! I hope yours has been great!!

Until next time, Lord willing....
Katy :o)


  1. It might be some kind of blight on your hostas. To treat that you remove the yellowing leaves and then apply a fungicide. I imagine if you took a leaf to the greenhouse they might be able to tell you what it is and how to treat it.

    We have been in our home for 16 years also and it's still a work in progress. When there is time there is no money and when there is money there is no time or something else comes up. This weekend it is a broken spring on the garage door. ThankfullyI know perfection doesn't make a happy home!

    1. I believe your hosta just got nipped by the frost on a cold night. The same thing happened to a lot around my house.

  2. I love to read your posts. I also like that you show your home in many stages of making it home. It reminds me that even though I have been here for 9 years, it is possible to still make it home a little at a time.

  3. What fun to have a glimpse into your life! Planting flowers does brighten things so.. :)

  4. Gardening is a great family activity and then you all can enjoy the result.

  5. flowers are so beautiful..

  6. Everything looks so lovely and cozy! Very welcoming!!!


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