Friday, May 26, 2017

Joy-Filled Memories

 I had some photos I wanted to share...they don't all necessarily *go* together...but wanted to post them anyway! :o) Above is a picture of Madelyn at our church's youth formal. They don't dance or anything...just have a really nice/classy meal and then change clothes and play games for a few hours! All the kids had a lot of fun! :)

Below are some photos from a picnic we had earlier in the month. Chris's dad and uncle have a birthday on the same day. We threw them a birthday party at the family pavilion! Madelyn and I worked on the cake. It ended up looking like my husband (with his red beard) made us all snicker!

 Speaking of Chris...there he is! :) I love to have photos of him. He makes me smile!

My Xavier....can you believe he is going to be 14 in a couple of months!? Where has the time gone!? If you have been following my blog for a while (or since the beginning) ~ are you just as shocked as I am that my children are growing so quickly!?

Madelyn will be 16 in a little over a month! My brain hasn't quite processed that information completely yet...

I thought this picture was funny! I caught Chris swinging and laughing...

Picnics at the pavilion will be *great* memories for my children one day! I am glad my Father-in-Love decided to build one. It has been a great blessing for so many people! There have been birthday parties, reunions, wedding receptions and more at this pavilion!!

Jaxson, stopping only for a moment so I could snap a picture really quick...

 I don't remember what he did...but our nephew teased Chris took off chasing him! It was so funny!

Last week, Madelyn, Jaxson and I took a walk (we walk, run, bike this way numerous times a week). My Father-in-Love's property is back off a road that connects to the one we live on. It's about a mile walk to get to the Meat Market and the barn (where we have a barn cat, Julian, who we love on and feed! He is the *sweetest* little thing!). It's a great path to go for a workout...lots of inclines and work for our legs! This day though, we just walked...

Madelyn was taking a pair of muck boots with her to work on something at the Meat Market and had them in a bag. Jaxson wanted to try carrying it on a stick like a hobo bag. It was awkward though and he gave up quickly! ;)

At the top of the hill (this is the hill I do hill sprints on! It's a great *free* exercise tool!). Isn't the view lovely? It is prettier in person!

I gotta run! It's rainy and chilly here today. I listed more stickers in my shop this morning (Use code: MEMORIALDAY20 for 20% off an order of $10+!), exercised (lifted weights), worked on laundry and dishes and then ran to the grocery store (Aldi).

Now, I have finished lunch...I need to finish dishes, fold the laundry and am hoping to get a little cat-nap in! Then it will be time to make supper! Chris has been really working on the back porch! I look forward to sharing pictures of it with you again soon! **I also have both of my raised beds planted! I am hoping all the seeds take!**

Thank you for coming by! I hope your weekend ahead is blessed!


  1. As always I enjoy catching up here. Looking forward to seeing your porch!

  2. Looks like lots of sweet memories! Love the hobo stick idea! Your cake was adorable!

  3. A very special time your family has been having. Those are the times to cherish. I love that you son tried to carry his sister's boots that way. Exercise for a reason is so much better than doing it just because. Thanks for sharing some wonderful times with your family.


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