Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Her First Formal

Madelyn attended her very first formal this past Friday evening. It was a formal that our homeschool co-op held....so there were a small close-knit group of children that went...only around 35 or so! They all seemed to have a really nice time! :) 

My mom, my aunt, my sister and her girls, my sister in love and her daughter all came to watch Madelyn get ready! Chris made it home from work quickly as well! Ma and Pa (Chris's parents) were able to make it over right before we had to leave! It was so nice of everyone to make it special!

Our friend came over to do Madelyn's hair! She did such a beautiful job! It took 2 hours!!

We just put some make up on Madelyn's eyes to make them *pop* a little. She has contacts now (well...trial pairs...we are trying to find ones that work well for her). My sister had to do Madelyn's eyeliner...I couldn't get it on right!

I did put eye shadow on her though!

 Doesn't the back of her hair just look lovely!? There were a *lot* of bobby pins in there! ;)

 My goal was a classy look...and I think it was achieved! My mom and sister found the dress, necklace, shoes, earrings and shawl for her!

 Daddy and his girl...

There was even a photographer there taking photos! I can't wait to get the link to them to see! :) Here's one I took as Madelyn and some of her friends posed for a photo...

The photographer told them to look at each other and laugh. They did it perfectly!

They all had such a nice time and I was so confident in the chaperones (as they are Christian couples who I attend church *and* co-op with!)! Madelyn was so tired when she got home but had a great time! It was bittersweet watching my daughter be so grown up! How did this come about? I feel like I was her age just a short time ago! :o)

I am so glad to be able to document these memories here on my blog! Thanks so much for sharing in them with me!

Katy :)


  1. Katy,
    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! You certainly got a classic look and so beautiful at that.

  2. Oh she looks so elegant! I'm glad Madelyn had a nice time at her formal.

  3. what fun! you must be so proud, your daughter rand her friends look lovely :)

  4. Thank you so much everyone! :)

  5. So glad I got to see these photos!
    Tell her I said she looked lovely, Thanks...
    She will remember it always I am sure!

  6. What a beautiful and poised young lady. I know you all are proud as you should be. Hope she and her friends had a fun time! My daughter is just 8 yrs old. but already seems like time is flying by us. Yesterday she asked me to help her clear the "baby toys" from her room -- ahhhh! I know this time is short while they're young so we will enjoy this fleeting, fun and busy season! Your daughter is simply gorgeous -- her hair reminds me of beautiful Rapunzel. Take care, Paige


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