Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"I enjoy doing housework...

...ironing, washing, cooking, dishwashing. Whenever I get one of those questionnaires and they ask what is your profession, I always put down housewife. It's an admirable profession, why apologize for it. You aren't stupid because you're a housewife. When you're stirring the jam you can read Shakespeare."

~ Tasha Tudor

Now that the weather is warming quite a bit...we have been spending a lot more time out-of-doors! The children and I worked at tilling the garden and planting seeds the other day...

We've started red onions, white onions, broccoli, different kinds of lettuce and peppers! Below I started some marigolds. I hope they all grow well! :)

The clotheslines are getting a lot of use these days! Oh how I love line-dried clothes (even towels! I prefer a hard, scratchy, line-dried towel to a fluffy soft one! Is that strange!?)...

The children helped me....we worked at raking leaves and taking them away in the wheel barrow! We like to put them in the chicken run so the girls have a place to scratch and keep busy until the evening when we let them out to free-range a bit! :)

 “It's exciting to see things coming up again, plants that you've had twenty or thirty years. It's like seeing an old friend.” 

~Tasha Tudor

I took these photos last week...and I am happy to say that even today...things are looking greener and more cheerful than when I took these photos! :)

Above, you may notice the rhododendron on the corner of the house....it looks like a sick tree now. Last fall I trimmed it. It needed cut back...it was just too big. I started trimming and then there was a big hole....so I had to trim more to even it out....pretty soon it looked like a bonsai tree! Goodness, it looks truly silly but there isn't much I can do now except wait for it to grow again! It's one of those things I just look at and shake my head! haha!

We are still, slowly, working on our house. There is more siding that needs put up and Chris has been working on plans for a back porch (Hooray! A porch with a roof is something quite necessary for a home, I think. That way, you can place a mat out there where muddy shoes/boots can be removed and not track things into the house. We have a *mud room* but oh how we have to sweep, vacuum, and wash the floors so constantly in there. It is tedious and a back porch will be *just* the thing to help that! I am so looking forward to it!

Not having the dormers sided makes the house look pretty rough. The paint on them is chipping and peeling...but I know Chris will get to them when he can. I have truly learned patience as a wife with a fixer-upper home over these past 17 years.

Previous owners enclosed the front porch...which makes it nice to have the extra room...we used it as a school room for quite a few years...however, it is not a lovely room at all...and it would be *much* better suited to be an open porch. It is painted as well and the paint is chipping and peeling. I hate to put the money and energy into repainting it though because truly, it looks odd...to have a section of the house be sticking out painted...while the rest of the house is sided. Gutting it and making it into a normal porch (or tearing it off completely and totally redoing the front porch) takes a lot of time and money....things that aren't in abundance here. Soooo....in the meantime, I try to plant flowers, keep the yard mowed and tidy and do my best to keep things looking neat and taken-care-of.

 I tell you what....dealing with the abundance of leaves that the trees leave behind is no easy task! I wouldn't trade it though! When the leaves grow on the trees and everything is in its full glory...it is truly beautiful (I love trees!).

I have found my favorite garden flags to be ones from Toland. They don't fade and are good quality! I like to get them on amazon when they are priced well (or if I have a gift card or something)! I don't like all their designs either (I am quite picky)...but I do love the tree one (pictured above) and some other ones I have.

Our hens have really been enjoying the nicer weather! They spend a lot of time out in the sun....eating up bugs! :)

One negative thing about having chickens free range...our dog loves (and I mean *loves*) to roll in their droppings. It's really gross and always requires a bath. It's frustrating after just bathing him and off he goes to find more to roll in. Oh dear!

 Well....it's the middle of the afternoon and I only have a part of the yard mowed! I best get out there and continue mowing! Thank you for visiting! I hope your days are going well and that you are able to enjoy some of the sunshine! I hope you'll come again soon! :o)



  1. Katy,
    I always enjoy reading your blog and it is just so pretty. However, I can't hear the music and it breaks my heart.

  2. What a beautiful home, Katy. I agree; sometimes those little imperfections that drive us crazy about our homes can be improved by just keeping thngs neat and in working order. Enjoy your spring :)

  3. Looking great!
    I have that flag, but as a pillow. I'd like to get another 5 of them, cut them down and sew them/hem as placemats. They are actually cheaper than most placemat sets *on ebay.

    I hear you about the porch. We just finished painting our previously stained (former owners) porch and it looks so much better.

    Happy Spring!

  4. It is a wonderful home.
    I love your flags, the tree and birds! Yes!
    How good it is to come to a place and call it home!

  5. I live in an older mobile home and it has been revamped over and over through the past 25 years. Now,that I'm here all by myself things just don't get done as quick as I would like. It is in dire need of a paint job at this time. In due time. ..in due time ☺ I'm a huge fan of Tasha Tuder. I even named my dog after her...lol It was good visiting you after being away so long. Blessings 🌹

  6. Great pictures! I didn't realize you got another dog after Ruthie passed, must have missed that post!


    1. Hello Shelby! Thank you for your comment! We've had Cash for years! :) We had them at the same time! :)

  7. Such pretty pictures. Your posts are very inspiring. I was going to put goat manure on my backyard plants but remembered the dogs would most likely roll in it. So only my front yard got the manure. I love old flowers too. This year I have new irises from old stock. My aunt shared some that originally started with my great grandmother and other relatives. I surely think of those people when I enjoy my pretty flowers!

  8. Wow - I'm getting old - I don't recall! I cringed after I wrote that post, I "hate" it when my daughter calls our beloved family member "the dog", I tell her he's a member of the family, he's Floyd, not "the dog", like she's not "the daughter - she's Rachel". Grr, irks me to NO end and here I just did it! He's a lovely member of the family.


  9. I Love your garden flags, and the pictures of your hens! I have always wanted to live on a barn with animals, but honestly I don't know if my body could handle all the work, but a girl can dream! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


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