Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Boy and His Dad

Jaxson is working on an "invention" for his Inventions class at our homeschool co-op! The amount of boxes (that he "might" need) and cardboard in my home drives me crazy...but I remind myself this is only for a small time and that it's *ok*!

The one day, Jax asked for his dad's advice on some was so enjoyable seeing them work together. I love how Chris will make Jaxson think. He doesn't just give him answers or tell him how to do something...he will help him to figure out the answers on his own! They were measuring and thinking and coming up with ideas...

I love this pic below...they were figuring things out on paper and I love how they're both crouched down...

We are in Western PA and although we braced for a ton of snow, we only got some. Nothing unmanageable...although the wind is quite bitter out there! I am optimistic though as I know spring is right around the corner! I have seeds ordered (and some have already come in) and a greenhouse to put together to grow them. I will be sure to post about that when the time comes! :)

Along with trying to keep warm (keep the outside wood stove chugging along) we have been doing the same things around here...schooling and housework, spending time together, cooking meals (trying new recipes) and for me ~ working out at the Y, planning and keeping up with my shop's orders. Madelyn has been fighting a bit of a cold virus but thankfully, no one else has gotten it (yet).

My aunt got Jaxson a fish. Oh dear! He named it Dexter. It's the last thing we need...but he is quite happy about that brings joy to me! :)

I did go bowling last week with some sisters in Christ. One woman we love was moving back to NC and it was a "going away" time together for us all! I bowled terribly...but we all had a lot of fun and that's what matters most. I am not sure that any of us broke 100! haha!

We've been playing church volleyball every Friday evening. We don't win much....but we laugh and truly have a ton of fun! This Friday will be our last time playing for the year.

So...that is a little of what has been happening around here (in a nutshell). I need to be better about picture taking. I want to better document our days as I used to. We all love looking back at the yearly blog books I have had made.

I need to get going. I have a few more chores to get done...then need to start supper. Then I am off to teach a spin class at the Y followed by a hot shower and then relaxing with my family! :) I hope you are having a lovely week! Thanks so much for dropping by!



  1. Great post, a boy and his Dad!
    Boys need a Dad who is their hero.
    My husband spent years in scouts because our son was.

  2. It makes my heart so glad to see parents helping their children like this.


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