Monday, February 13, 2017

Home & Life Lately...

Good morning friends! Happy Monday! 

It's gray, cold and snowy here in Western PA. How's the weather where you are? We have been keepin' busy around here. Schooling keeps us the the normal duties of life (chores, exercise, meals, grocery shopping etc.). The children's music lessons have gone well and they are improving their skills each week! We try to visit a friend of ours, with small children, each week to enjoy fellowship and also, so we can help them out if needed. Friday evenings are spent playing church volleyball. Although our team has only won one match, we have a great time and cheer each other on. My husband started to play too and he is *good*! That man is truly good at whatever he does. He never ceases to amaze me! :o) 

 I have a small cold but it isn't anything major. Unfortunately, though, the other night I somehow got a knot in my lower back. It is quite painful. I stayed home from church yesterday as even doing simple things,like walking, hurt! Today it feels a little better...but the pain is still there. I am going to attempt going to Aldi for groceries and then later tonight, teach spin! I hope I can do those things. Not being able to function properly can drive one crazy! You never realize how thankful you are for the different functions and body parts the Lord has given you until they don't work correctly!

At this very moment, the boys are air-popping popcorn (to snack on while they work on their schoolwork) and Madelyn is up in her room working on her school. I have been doing laundry, balancing the checkbook, paying bills and the like. :) Stella-Cat is keeping me company...laying beside me as I type! It is so relaxing to pet a cat. She has the softest fur too! I am rambling! I have a few photos to share of around the house below...

In the mudroom (I found this great outgoing/incoming mail basket holder at TJ Maxx)...

The basket below hold cinnamon scented makes walking into the mudroom appealing as the slight fragrance hangs in the air...

Out the mudroom window you can see the back yard (and raised beds)....covered in snow...

In the living room, I found the baskets, on top of the entertainment center, very inexpensively at Goodwill one day!

And you know me and my candles ~

This photo (below) was taken without a light on in the living room this morning. It is truly dull and grey out. I always try to just remember that spring will be coming *some* day! :)

I hope your weeks have been going well. Through the good and bad of life, God is molding our characters to be more like His Son. How we choose to behave during the different circumstances of our life can either reflect Christ or not. If you desire to glorify God and magnify Christ ~ make Him your focus. Not yourself...not your circumstances. And when times are glorious...praise Him in the midst of it all! :)

If you haven't read my post on my latest book should check it out HERE. They are on biblical womanhood and selflessness. Two books that I highly recommend! Right now I am reading The Faithful Parent by Martha Peace and Stuart Scott. So far it is really good...focusing on the gospel which is key! I will be sure to share a post on my thoughts of it when I am finished reading!

Thanks for visiting me here today! Until next time, Lord willing...

Katy :)

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  1. Love love love your home! So pretty!!!

    Wish I could attend your spin class!! Seems like it'd be hard but fun. Lol.


  2. Father God, I pray for complete healing for Katy in Jesus' Name.

    Hugs to you Katy,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. Sorry to hear you have a cold and hurt your back, Us mommas don't realize how hard we work and at least for me a pulled muscle usually back or neck happens more than I care to think about. I hope you heal quickly. Your home looks so cozy and I bet those pinecones smell great! I think ill look for some leftovers when I go shopping, I need to change around some baskets either way. Enjoy the rest of your week : ) p.s. I am now following you on IG and loving your feed.

  4. love your cosy home..Its always so pretty..
    hope you are feeling all better by now..big storm coming today, hope its not as bad as they are saying..
    stay sweet...:-)

  5. Goodness, it must be a season for hurting backs.I hurt mine too, but it has nearly come and prayer. I pray you heal quickly too. Blessings ~ Linda


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