Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bullet Journal Plan With Me Nov. 5-8th!

For those of you who enjoy planners, organization and enjoy seeing how I set up my is another Plan With Me in my bullet journal! You can see my first Plan With Me HERE. I am terribly imperfect and completely *un*professional in I'm just a simple wife and mama trying to stay organized in this crazy thing called life! :) If these aren't your thing...that's okay too! I am still posting's just fun to do these from time to time. I don't know if I will continue videoing these or not...we'll see. But here is my most recent video if you are interested! Have a lovely rest of the week friends! 



  1. I enjoy seeing these and I am sure that others do as well.

  2. I also enjoy watching and getting ideas! You are so creative!
    I am curious if you save your planners for keepsake, or do you get rid of them? I have always thrown out the month I'm done with, so by now, my planner is very thin with just Nov and Dec left. But mine are simpler. I'm thinking about taking the time to decorate as you've inspired me :)

    1. I always save my planners...I just can't help it. It just seems wrong for me to throw them away! haha! I'm so crazy!! :)

  3. Joelle and I had so much fun watching this video! We even made a craft shopping list of all we need to make her own daily journal with stickers, washy tape, markers and all! She is going to use a new one subject notebook to begin her journal! so excited.

  4. I have loved seeing these videos. They have given me a lot of ideas. I just write my to-do-list in a notebook, but it works for me. I have liked seeing your list. It made me realize that I was putting too many items on my list to get done in the day, which was leading to me feeling like I accomplished very little at the end of day. Now I am trying to put between 8-15 things. Of course, I am still not getting it all done but I guess there is always the next day waiting for me. So it has helped to streamline. Also, it is great to put a voice with your face!

  5. Love the planner idea,I would keep mine also. I thing the kids would like to see them as they got older like me lol


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