Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Look at My *Office*

Since we moved our living room into the addition we built onto our house ~ we had the *old* living room empty! It became my "office" (also known as the computer room or library!) It doesn't really have an official name. 

I still have yet to redo the's a project for *some*day.... it's just a big project to undertake (as the plaster walls need a lot of TLC before painting can take place)...and I'm not ready to put that on my TO DO list yet! :) 

The room has a perfect space for the boys to play Legos. So often, you will find legos decorating the floor in here! (I always just ask that it be in a semi-state of clean...and that no Legos are on the floor around my desk! Those hurt to step on!)...

My simple elliptical (that I got at an auction for only $5) is in this room as well!

A little look from a distance...

It's snowing here today. I hope it doesn't stick around long. I can definitely wait until December (or even January) for snow! :) The funny thing is that we had temps in the 60's the other day! Such a drastic change from one day to the next!

The week ahead is a busy one for I am sure it is for each of you! I hope it is blessed. I hope this Thanksgiving is full of more than just traditions and food. I hope you take the time (and every day) to praise God for the blessings He has put in your well as have a constant attitude of gratitude to the One Who gives us so much (although we deserve nothing)! I'm so glad you visited me here today! Thank you for the comments you share as well as the emails you send! I enjoy it so much! Have a wonderful week friends!


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  1. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I am glad to see that you have an office!

  2. Hsve a blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you and your blog. I enjoy and look forward to it.
    Vicki W.

  3. not busy here at all...I am hoping to cast on another baby blankie and still doing hats..
    have a blessed thanksgiving..

  4. Your home feels like a cabin I would love to spend time in!! Beautiful!


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