Monday, October 17, 2016

"School" Photos...Mama Style!

Since we homeschool, we take our own *school* pictures. Our homeschool co-op that meets twice a month takes pictures and has a yearbook...but taking them myself is *much* cheaper for us! Plus, with the wonders of digital photography ~ we can take and delete and retake pictures until we get ones we are happy with! :) We love to take our photos on a beautiful October day we went back to the edge of our back yard...right before you venture off into the woods and there is where we took our photos! We took them in the same place last year! 

My beautiful Madelyn...

And my sweet boys:

 Xavier (who loves his hats)...

 Jaxson (who loves his bow-ties)...

We wanted to take some pictures of them all's one "in real life"...

I *love* this one...

Madelyn and Jaxson were goofing around and I snapped a picture at *just* the right time...

Being creative...

Doesn't X look like a scarecrow here....?

My oldest...and my youngest!

I have had a request to see more pictures of inside my planner etc. I will be happy to share them soon! For now, although the photos are kinda blurry (as I don't have an iphone...just a Kindle Fire to take photos with for my instagram) but you can see some of my planner pics HERE. I will be sure to post more about it soon though! :o)

I hope you enjoyed seeing a peek into our photo session! We are having a gorgeous day here in Western PA....Temps in the 70's and just an all-around beautiful day! We had a busy day at our homeschool co-op and I have been busy since we got home...balancing the checkbook, doing laundry and dishes and the like! I have clothes to fold so I best get going! Thanks so much for visiting! I hope your week is fantastic and I will try and post again soon!



  1. yay! I can hardly contain myself until you post about your planner! love the photos you took of the kids! perfect weather and timing before the rain and wind get here.

  2. Such lovely photos of your family! Love the scarecrow pose, and the fun bowtie on your son... all of them so precious... I agree it is much better to be your own photographer, and the pictures are so lovely and natural. Hugs to you today Katy!


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