Thursday, October 6, 2016

New-To-Me Valances!

So, I am excited to finally have some valances hanging in the mudroom and laundry room! The window above is in our mudroom/entryway. I used valances my grammie had made for Madelyn's room when she was born! We were no longer using them anywhere and they were folded up and stored in our linen cupboard. I was so excited to realize I could easily use them here! There's only one window in the entryway so I put the valances together so they have a nice ruffled look! :) 

The laundry room still doesn't have the trim around the windows and doorways (but I am definitely not complaining...I am in no rush for that trim to be put on! I am just so thankful *for* all the wonderful work my husband and brother-in-love did). While at Goodwill one day, I came across matching ruffled valances. They may not be my *first* choice for valances...but they work perfectly and dress it up a little in there! :) I am super happy with them. It's the simple things, my friends....the simple things! 

It looks pretty from the outside looking in too...although I don't have any photos of that! As you can see, it was raining the day I took these pictures! It's so wet and gloomy when you look out the windows here! Haha...see that lone chicken below..?

 The children are working on their schoolwork right now. I went to the post office to mail some sticker orders and have been doing a bit of housework. In a bit, we'll be off to my mom's house. My sister and girls are in town and my nieces want to ride my mom's pony! :) That should be fun!

Before I go, I have to share my excitement. Here are the latest stickers I have listed in my shop! Most are planner stickers but I offer a whole assortment of fun stickers for all kinds of projects, organization and housework!

Here is a strawberry spread...

The "Party Glam" kit...

The "Falling for Fall" kit...

And these were listed today! Aren't they so cute!? Kitty cats, kitty cats!

Some people are quite surprised at the price of stickers. But honestly, when you consider all that goes into it...buying (or making) graphics, sticker paper, toner, time put into laying everything out and getting it print and all makes more sense! :o)

I gotta is happening and I can't be part of it if I am just sitting here at this old (actually, new) computer! Have a great, great day friends and thank you for stopping by!!! :)


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  1. All of the valances look simply lovely! You are so right about the simple things.

    Grace & Peace,


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