Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How I Plan ~ My First Video

Hello friends! Here is my first-ever youtube video! I have done videos of my children and things but never of me talking through stuff. I clear my throat and make little sounds quite often in this video! It drives me crazy...but I wanted to get this video up and posted so I didn't want to completely redo it. If I ever do more videos on things, I will be more careful about that! ;) I apologize if it drives anyone else bonkers! Hmm...I wonder if I do that in real life too...? 

I figured giving a look-see into my planner and how I plan may be more interesting than just seeing photos! Let me know what you think (unless it's bad...then don't tell me..hahaha!). And I did want to acknowledge that I said "my husband and I" when I should have said "my husband and me"...again, something I realized *after* the video was over! ;) 

So, enjoy and if you have any questions about it or suggestions even...I would love to hear them! I will leave the links for the items I use (the planner, paper etc.) on my youtube description for that video in case you are interested! :)

**If you would *like* and *share* this video on Youtube, that would be fantastic too! :)

Thanks so much for visiting me here! Have a great rest of the week!


  1. I will certainly be watching this in a bit.

  2. Thank you, Katy for showing us the insides and out of your daytimer. it gives me an idea for what I'm looking for myself, which I haven't found just the right one. I really like that your pages are the dots-bullets as you say. helps keep things straight and frees one to doodle, color or should I say, create, which I love the thought of but hardly do well. any who, my question for you is I noticed on your daily pages that off the margin you have Letters, M A E, what do they stand for? and do you buy the paper that size or cut your own? and do you own your own special hole puncher for your daytimer or buy them that way. I'm still a little overwhelmed as to what to buy if I decide to go this route.I appreciate any feedback as to the best way to do this-just jump in or get a little at a time? thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello! I am glad you found it helpful! The M, A and E stand for Morning, Afternoon and I have a basic vertical look of my day! :) I bought the dot grid paper that way. If you go to my video on my youtube page, I have links to it in the description of the video! :)

  3. I need a planner, thank you for the ideas.

  4. How FUN to hear your voice, Katy!! :) I think your planner is just beautiful. What a wonderful treasure for your children to have one day for keepsakes. You are one creative girl. Hugs, Camille

  5. It was fun to hear your voice and see your planner, Katy! I LOVE planners, so I'm always interested to see planner tours! I just uploaded my first YouTube video today and then I saw that you had also recently done a video. Your video was great--mine was a bit (a lot) awkward! :)

  6. Katy, you did fine with your first you tube video. the pace was perfect, it allowed us to see your planner up close.what I really liked was the dots or bullets as you call them, I bet it's helpful in keeping your plans straight. I have a question about your margin on your pages. you have Letters "M" "a" "e", I was wondering what that was? I've been looking at lots of planners and trying to narrow down just what one will work for me.


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