Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall in Western Pennsylvania

It has been gloriously warm and sun-shiny these past couple of days! I can hardly believe it's towards the end of October! :) I have been taking the opportunity to get clothes out on the line to dry. Being out in the sunshine is so enjoyable...the leaves smell amazing and look breath-taking!

I know some people like to rake up all their leaves and get them out of the yard...but I honestly like the look of them scattered everywhere. It just screams "fall" to me!

Still working on building up our fire wood piles for winter...

The trees are just stunning...the photos really don't do them justice at all!


Doing some devotional studies (I am doing the Behold Your God study)...

Making supper...

I am really excited. I got these ticking curtains below...they are too long so my sister is going to hem them so I can hang them under the sink (to replace the red, white and blue ones I have had there forever!). There will be enough fabric left over and she is going to make them into a valance for me to hang over the kitchen windows! I can't wait (okay...I *can* wait...but I am doing so quite anxiously)!

Candles, candles...always lit somewhere in my house! Mmmm....fall candles are the best! Apple cider, fall leaves, pumpkin...all those scents permeate my house and it just makes me smile!...

Sunshine coming in...

The children work on their schooling. Pa and Ma (Chris's parents) got a couple new horses and my parents got a new horse as the children enjoy getting to take time to ride and visit with the horses many days! A glorious benefit of homeschooling is that when you get done with your have the rest of the day to spend playing, visiting, working, etc! I know both sets of grandparents are glad we homeschool. They get to spend so much more time with my children. My children help them with chores or keep them company when doing things. It's truly a blessing!

Look at this three posts in one week? I am on a roll! :)
I hope your Autumn days are glorious...and if you can't enjoy the leaves turning where you live, I hope you enjoyed the photos from around our home! Have an enjoyable rest of the week!


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  1. My very favorite season. Your photos look so cozy.

  2. Love this time of the year. Nice to hear more from you .

  3. Good Evening Katy,

    Autumn is my favorite season. The changing colors in the landscape are so beautiful. The warm colors of autumn are also some of my favorite colors. Then there's soup ... the temperatures finally begin to cool down enough to enjoy big bowls of homemade soups - in the past two weeks I've made French onion soup and Italian sausage, potato and kale soup.
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely autumn photos.


  4. Gorgeous!! I love fall, too. All those turning leaves are stunning. Your new ticking fabric is going to look wonderful in your kitchen. Don't you just love freshening up a space? Hugs, Camille

  5. Katy your trees are just gorgeous! I'm praying for trees of different colors in idaho. We did get our permit approved they will start digging on tuesday, we are so excited. Have a grest week!

  6. Your home is lovely. Beautiful yard and fall leaves. Keep cozy!

  7. I'm also from Western PA! It is really starting to feel like Fall. I love it! I hope you can stop by:


  8. I agree, your home does looks lovely in the yard with those trees and pretty leaves everywhere. I have a thing for white houses and fall leaves. Around here they take leaf blowers to yards and even clear the streets (so noisy! such exhaust!) so I really miss those dappled, crunchy fall leaves like you have scattered about. So peaceful looking!

  9. Hello! This is my first time to visit your blog, and what a delightful place it is! I loved your pictures of fall, just gorgeous! I also saw your outdoor wood furnace, and was intrigued. We have considered getting something like this, and just wondering how you like it. Fall just doesn't last long enough! Your new ticking will look wonderful too, sometimes patience, the virtue, is rather hard to come by, lol! Hugs to you today :)


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