Friday, September 2, 2016

"The desire to be hospitable...

...should come out of the overflow of a humble heart changed by the work of Christ and a desire to show the world the greatness of Jesus Christ. We don't minister to gain glory for ourselves. We minister to gain glory for our Christ.....It's about giving people Jesus when they step through your front door."

~Courtney Reissig, The Accidental Feminist

"The purpose of the home is about 'feeding souls, providing a refuge for the weary, and living generously.' The home is a place of work. It's a place where life happens. It's a place where the family works together to accomplish God's purposes."

~Courtney Reissig, The Accidental Feminist

"The purpose of the home is to be a place of refuge, grace, and productivity -- not a platform for me to prove what a great homemaker I am. God is to get the glory in our homes."

~ Courtney Reissig, The Accidental Feminist

As I am sure you can guess from the quotes above, I have been reading The Accidental Feminist: Restoring Our Delight in God's Good Design! It is a great book! Not only does it touch on exalting Christ (in all things, including our homemaking) but it touches on modesty, submission, true beauty and more. As I have said before, I like to *own* and not borrow books because I underline them and refer back to them. This book has been highly underlined/highlighted! :)

"Obsession with image, no matter how detrimental it is to your health or well-being, is a form of pride and self-worship ... if beauty is truth, then all things, to be truly beautiful, must point to the ultimate truth -- God, Himself."

"Don't believe the culture's lie that says you are the most important being in your universe. Christ came to serve, not to be served (Matt. 20:28). We do likewise...submission is a lifelong process of daily dying to myself and my wants for the good of another."

~Courtney Reissig, The Accidental Feminist

Those are just some small snippets of goodness abounding in the pages of this book! I could go on and on with more wonderful quotes but it's best if you just read the book for yourself! This is not a sponsored book review...just something I wanted to share with other sisters in Christ who seek to grow in holiness and sanctification! :)

In other house smells like fall. I know summer isn't officially over yet...and I am not trying to wish time away...but oh how I *love* autumn!! The smells, the air...I wish it lasted for a lot longer than it does! :) I have fall candles burning and the temperature outside is comfy! Windows are open and clothes are drying out on the line! :)

Friends of ours with young children needed a date night so we are excited to watch all their little girlies this evening for a couple hours while they go out for ice cream...just the two of them! I hope they can hold hands, talk and just enjoy each other during that time. Children are *such* a blessing but keeping your marriage strong and close is so important! To neglect your marriage because you are so consumed with your children is a terrible mistake....and not biblical. Not only will our friends enjoy some time together...but we'll have fun playing with the kids. One is an infant that I am completely looking forward to snuggling (she is a happy little thing), two of the girls are three and under and full of energy. They'll love swinging outside and visiting the chickens! :) Then the last girl is a little older and loves to spend time with Madelyn! :) I'm thinking the children will play badmitton or catch with the football! :)

See....candles are burning away...

Piano playing...

Lego playing...

Corn eating...

I know this post has been a bit long...*but* quickly, I wanted to share what my aunt gave me for my birthday! I have always just carried my camera places by hand...I never even realized I should get a camera case. My aunt borrowed my camera one day and I think she realized how good a case would be for me! This is the one she got...

Isn't it great!? I just love the colors and the carrying strap! It fit my camera perfectly (she did research to find just the right bag for me! Isn't that so thoughtful of her!?)...

The other side of the bag opens up and is a place to store batteries, camera cards etc! It's just perfect and such a blessing to me since it will keep my camera well protected (as cameras aren't cheap!)... that's about it! Whew! Didn't think this post was ever gonna end, did ya? ;) The children are working on their schoolwork and I have been tidying the house, filling sticker orders and doing some organizing! :) Now to continue on! Thanks for dropping by! Have a great weekend friends!


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  1. So much going on there, my friend! I love autumn as's a cosy time. In fact, I enjoy all the seasons. By January/February I have to admit I am really ready for spring and sunshine, however. I enjoyed all the quotes you shared from your book....what wise advice....thank you for thinking to put them here for us to read. :) What a thoughtful gift your aunt gave is a blessing to have things so carefully chosen for us, isn't it? Hugs to you! Camille

  2. Here in New Zealand, we have just entered Spring. Ah, so lovely. I have washing on the line {instead of all over the house} and we pulled out the water play yesterday. Love it! Autumn though, is my favourite season.

  3. Lovely post Katy, have a lovely weekend x

  4. What a great post Katy, that really should not suprise me should it? I know I can always come to your blog and get some encouraging words. I am so excited that we will be going on our short vacation to Idaho in a couple of weeks. I love all the fall looking and I'm sure smelling candles. I just did a internet search to see if there is a Yankee Candle store in the area and I was so happy to see there is one. I accidently broke my beautiful big cinnamon scented one last year. Anyway enough about that. I hope you enjoyed your visitors. Have a blessed weekend. Blessings,Joann


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