Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Valances for the Living Room

My mom, my sister and I all met at JoAnn's last week and found fabric for valances for the new living room. I'm not 100% in love with the fabric...but I don't dislike it either. I am still getting used to it. The pictures aren't totally accurate as the flash makes everything appear much brighter than it truly is.

My sister was kind enough to take the fabric and sew valances (with a lining) for in the living room.

When I first put them up, I wasn't overly thrilled with them...but slowly, they are starting to grow on me. I think I envisioned a different look (although I couldn't actually describe truly *what* it was I was envisioning)...but this works and definitely warms the room up a bit...

It's going to take me a while to get used to them. But once I do....I am sure I'll like it. Maybe one day I'll change it up...but for now it works.

Although you can't see it...close up on the valances are imprints of birds and leaves. You may be able to notice in one of the photos above if you enlarge it. :)

I am having some issues with my google storage if some of my photos aren't showing up for you, that is why. I am trying to get it worked out....but we'll see what happens. I think it is silly I even have to *pay* for a storage plan. Oh dear!

I am thankful it's a beautiful day here because I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with things today and a bit down....the sunshine helps though! :)

I hope your day is full of sun and smiles! Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Hi Katy,

    I really like your valances. I especially like how you've mounted them inside your window frames. I too have valances mounted inside the window frames in our mud room, office, and kitchen. I like how this method allows one to visually see the architectural detail of the window framing.

    As the day progresses, I hope you begin feeling better. Maybe a nap would help?


  2. I think they're very classy looking Katy. I was a little down today too sweet girl. I believe tomorrow will be a good day though, because we know who holds our future. Many blessing to you.

  3. I like your valances Katy and also like the way they are mounted on the inside of the window. I think they look pretty in the photos.

  4. Your valances look pretty! If you want more pop, you could always add a solid ribbon edge on the hem. I need to make valances for my house too. We've been here since March and don't have a single window treatment, other than blinds. I want to try mixing some linen and lace, for a shabby chic look.

  5. Beautiful windows and valances. I understand though if you are not thrilled since they are not what you actually envisioned.

  6. Hi Katy, I love sewing curtains it is one of my joys, so I do change my curtains often. I think it does make the rooms cozy. I have a friend that is having the same issue of the photo storage, as she had to pay also!
    Just a thought, but maybe if you tea stained the curtains it might give it a more country feel!

  7. You pay for a photo storage???!! The valances look nice! Phew! ;)


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