Friday, September 30, 2016

Joy in a Tidy Kitchen

Do you ever notice how fantastic it feels to be in a room that is tidy? Central places of the home...such as the kitchen and living room...can quickly become cluttered and untidy for people. They are the busiest spots of the house and can accumulate things quickly. Keeping my kitchen island clean is always a difficult task I have.

 I always feel like I can just *breathe* easier when a room is clean.

My home is older. My kitchen is not my ideal (as the cupboards were like this when we moved in). Maybe you have rooms in your home that aren't your favorite but there isn't the money to redo them right now (or ever). Keeping even your least favorite areas in your home clean and tidy can still make them enjoyable places to be! 

I am thankful for my kitchen. I am thankful for what God has so richly provided for us. Maybe one day we can redo it...and maybe not. Either way I am content, truly. It's a great feeling. :)

It is raining here abundance! Our day will be filled with schooling, housework, and maybe a movie! Jaxson's best buddy is coming over this evening to hang out and sleepover ~ so the children are looking forward to that! Thank you for visiting me here today. I hope you found some encouragement! Have a lovely weekend friends!


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  1. We've got a scavenger hunt to go to with our homeschool friends tonight. Your kitchen looks awesome. Mine—well I'm thinking about pulling everything out, cleaning it well, and reorganizing everything. It's gotten out of hand.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your home! It always looks so clean and tidy as well as nicely decorated but not overloaded with stuff. That is what I fight on a daily basis. It is nice to have a clean room to walk into.

  3. What a lovely kitchen! I think rooms, esp. kitchens, that are neat & tidy, seem more welcoming and appetizing. They say, "come and stay a spell". I was in someone's kitchen recently that made me wonder if the food was clean. And then there are some mega-kitchens in magazine where one wonders if anyone even knows how to cook in that household. :) I'm sure your good work is a blessing to the family. Now I must go and clean up my supper-prep dishes (sigh).

  4. I think your kitchen is darling! I love the way the stove sits at an adds lots of interest.
    I'm a fairly new reader of your blog, I really enjoy it. :)

  5. You do have a lovely home!
    I think so often others see our homes in a better light than we do.
    Blessings Katy!

  6. I too love a clean and tidy kitchen, but mine on average is neither clean or tidy!! When it is I do find joy in it. To get ready for our move I will be going through everything in our entire house, then it will be clean and tidy and packed in boxes :). Have a blessed weekend with your beautiful family. Blessings joann

  7. I am a new reader to your blog! I really like learning about your organization skills and planners. I also like hearing about your homemaking skills. Keep up the great blog!

  8. Your kitchen is adorable!!! Absolutely love how you've decorated it. I love the color red, so that makes it even cuter to my eyes :)

  9. Hi Katy,

    As a reader of your blog for some time now, I know your kitchen is not your ideal. However, I must tell you that your have a unique and rare talent in turning the "less than ideal" into a darling charm.
    Most important is that you have done a wonderful job of making your house into a beautifully warm, welcoming and loving home.

    Blessings to you,

  10. Thank you, thank you friends for your kind and encouraging comments! They bless me immensely! :o)

  11. Katy, your kitchen and your entire home are adorable and so homey. I had an older less than ideal kitchen that we replaced last fall. In all honesty,I miss my old kitchen. It had character and it was paid for LOL!! I really enjoy your blog. It fills my heart with joy!


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