Monday, September 12, 2016

Cozy Warmth

As cooler temperatures and less humidity set in here in PA, I have found myself yearning for the cozy warm feelings of autumn! It can still be hot in the sun...and after a good work out, I love a cold shower....but overall, things are starting to cool down and although I don't look forward to winter....I plan on soaking up every *single* moment of fall!

Nothing says cozy to me more than a good ol' batch of homemade vegetable beef soup! So I made that for supper one day last week...along with some whole wheat rolls...


While reading during his school time last week, Xavier fell asleep. I just love him in all his cuteness here...all cozied up under a blanket...

Fall scented candles are burning a lot these days...

My home smells of a warm blend of pumpkin, vanilla, and apple cider scents!

Along with schooling...I have my checklist of things to accomplish today (you can also see the latest stickers in my SHOP there! Bibles! Aren't they adorable!?)...

I have clothes finished in the washing machine that need to be hung out. I also have some other chores awaiting my attention and children's school work to look over, so I best be going! :) You can bet at some point today I will be cozy and warm snuggled under a blanket while reading for a bit! I hope you have an enjoyable Monday! Thank you for stopping by!


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  1. Do you know what? I found your link at Art of Homemaking Monday and thought it was you just from your decorating style. That's cool. I love the way you deco rate. What do you call your style? I aspire to decorate in a similar way.

    Be blessed and do come visit!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Cozy. Perfect for the Fabulous Fall party. Come over and link up.
    Great post!
    Let's Party!

  3. I am anxiously awaiting "soup weather"! It will probably be awhile for us here in Oklahoma but we have a tradition that makes everybody happy! On the day of the first big cold front, I make I make a huge pot of "Elementary Soup" (that's what I call the soup that was served in my elementary school cafeteria)and a couple of skillets full of cornbread. I tell my adult children that the soup's on and before I know it, they are crowding around the table, along with my grandbabies and sometimes even a great-grand! Usually, everybody takes home a big bowl of soup and whatever is left I freeze for a quick supper on a long winter's night.

    I hope you enjoyed your cozy reading time!

    Grace & Peace,

  4. Yes, Katy it is quickly becoming soup weather up here on the Montana prairie. A few of our leaves have just begun to change color. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year.


  5. Ah, cozy warmth. I think that says it all Katy :) Thank you for sharing with us!


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