Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cozy-ing Up the House!

So, I finally decided to bite the bullet, so to say, and begin to hang things in my living room. I don't measure...I *eyeball* it (which seems strange to me as I can be such a perfectionist about some things). It's all quite nerve racking during the process. I'm always nervous about how it will turn out once I step back and see it from a distance.

Mind you, the pictures look a bit brighter than real life since I had the flash on my camera...

Adding decorations here and there have really cozied up the new living room. When we first moved into it, I was quite nervous that I wouldn't be able to achieve the same cozy warmth that we had in our old living room. Chris was confident in me though, and that was encouraging. It's slow-going but it is happening *bit by bit*...

The living room stays a decent, comfortable temperature in these warm months because 1. it does not get direct sunlight pouring in 2. we have a ceiling fan going 3. and finally...we have this oscillating fan...on the floor...that helps move air around. I didn't intend for it to sit there....one day it was quite hot and I brought it down from the upstairs and plugged it in there for relief. Instead of finding a better spot for it, it has remained there and does it's job :)...

So far, this is the only decoration hanging in the laundry room (I realize it is not centered...that was purposeful as I plan on obtaining a few other things to hang around it in a grouping!)...

My hard-working and talented husband got the bifold doors put on the coat closet in the laundry room! All that is left is for me to paint them (ugh...I thought I had finished with that part!) and the trim to go around! Yay!

Sunshine filled days are just perfect for hanging the clothes out! I love that stiff feeling they get...plus the money it saves (since we aren't using the dryer) is fantastic!

 Yes, yes....pumpkin, vanilla, and fall scented candles are burning in abundance here despite still having temperatures in the 80's. I just *can't* help myself! The smells just make everything so much more enjoyable!

And before I go...I am excited to share that Chris has wanted to buy me a KitchenAid mixer for years! I don't *need* one but it is just something he has always wanted me to have. The price (even on sale) was always a bit high though. Well, while at an auction this past Saturday, he found one in like-new condition and got it for me! I had met my sister up at JoAnn Fabrics to find fabric for my curtains in the living room and when I got home...this was sitting on the counter!

I love that it is white so it works perfectly in my kitchen!

So that is what has been happening around here lately! What have you been up to? :)

I teach a spin class tonight, the children have music lessons with their instruments, and later this evening we're going out to friends' to get wood from them (for our wood stove). They had cut down some trees and knew we heat our house by wood and offered the wood to us (wasn't that kind?).

I best get going as there is much to do! I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend and warm wishes for the week ahead!


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  1. I tried to post a comment, but I don't think it went through. I'm not sure why? -Susan

  2. Hi Katy- let me know if you didn't get my comment about your new Kitchen-Aid mixer and I will try again. -Susan

  3. I too, waited a long time for my KitchenAid just getting it two years ago (and I'm a lot older than you;) but like me, you will find it was well worth waiting for. And the new décor is a wonderful addition to an all ready beautiful home. Walking in to the smells of Autumn must bring a smile to your family and friends!

    P.S. I tried posting with just my yahoo email and come to a blocked page. So I tried switching letters in my shop title and it came up invalid. It must only work with changes by blog owner -my apologies.

  4. Your mixer's a beaut' and I'm sure she'll be an efficient handmaiden serving you for many years to come.

    The homestead's looking warm and inviting!


  5. Your home is so warm and cozy and beautiful! You are going to LOVE your new mixer! I LOVE mine!

  6. Ooooh, you'll enjoy that mixer! What a nice surprise! Your pics, etc look great!

  7. Hi Katy,

    I've so enjoyed the photos of your creative and inviting home décor. I am also liking the shade of blue you chose for your laundry room very much.


  8. I have a mixer like that and absolutely love it

  9. Love that mixer! My oldest daughter bought me one as a Christmas gift last year and I adore it.

    I just love your decorating style. I'm terrible at grouping things. I have an entire blank wall above my piano and no clue what to do there.

  10. You make things look warm and welcoming my friend. I am so happy for you that this addition was made and that you have a dedicated laundry room now...it all looks wonderful! Yippee for such an amazing find....you will love your mixer. I use and use and use mine...it's a gem. Happy Fall to you! Hugs, Camille

  11. your home always looks so nice, cozy and clean..

  12. I've never been good at interior design solutions. I like a lot of things and for some sad reason, whenever I find something new, it never seems to match what I've already got! I almost always end up with some weird mish-mash of things.

  13. Isn't it fun to change up decor with the seasons? I'm having a good time "cozying" up my home as well. :-)

  14. your home looks lovely, I too want a kitchen aid mixer, but have put off getting one because some years back my BIL gave me a kitchen aid mixer and well if isn't broke don't fix it or in this case replace it. and I have a very hard time spending that much money but someday I will get one. p.s. I love your scrub board, I have a couple but have yet to put them up.


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