Monday, August 1, 2016

Organizing in the Kitchen!

As most of you know, my kitchen is red and white. That wouldn't be too bad except it isn't what I chose nor are the cupboards made of a material I would like. That being said, I am thankful that I *have* a kitchen and I try to do the best with what I have! :)

I really enjoy organizing and the feeling I have after things are neat and "in their place". I did some purging, rearranging and organizing of some of the drawers in our kitchen. This is the drawer of infrequently used items (things I don't need daily). *Alas, I should have done before & after pictures but I only have the *afters*...

The *junk drawer* was quite untidy and now, it's lovely to open!

This is our *sometimes* used drawer...corn on the cob holders, medicine cups, reusable straws, serving spoons, clothespins (to keep bags closed) etc...

And this is our large, main drawer. It holds stuff we use often...such as: silverware, hot pads, measuring spoons and cups, can openers etc...

A little bit of my simple kitchen...

I am *not* a fan of this range hood...but it's what I have, so I *make do*. I keep these bottles up there to add a little bit of coziness to it's hard lines and bold colors. I need to take them down and dust them quite often...but that's okay. It only takes a few minutes...

Candles always create an atmosphere of *coziness*....

My Currier and Ives dishes that I posted about previously are now our daily-use dishes. My Pfaltzgraff dishes have been tucked up neatly behind them. (Yes, that is balloon wallpaper from the previous owners. I have taken it down from all the other walls but not back in there yet. I haven't bothered with it because I hope to one day redo all the cupboards in my kitchen (basically gut it) and that's when I figured I would tackle that hard-to-reach wallpaper. It's not too noticeable really *until you take a picture to post to the world on your blog...haha!*)...

It's not quite lunchtime yet and I have had a productive day. That always makes me feel good because not all days are full of accomplishment! I taught spin class at six this morning. Came home to shower, pack Chris and X's lunches for work (I made them egg salad sandwiches ~ yum!), made the bed, filled a couple sticker orders and have two loads of clothes washed and hanging out on the lines. I've been organizing and dusting/cleaning. :) I have *every* intention of taking a nap later this afternoon...and the more I get accomplished until then, the better I will feel about laying down.

I best get going...can't get much done sitting on the computer. I just wanted to pop on and share what I have been doing. I know reading other blogs about cleaning/organizing or watching videos like THIS one always motivate me to get more done! So, hopefully this post as encouraged you! :)

I hope you are having a great Monday! Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Grandma Deaton had Currier & Ives dishes, the blue, in the early '60s. We ate all our holiday dinners on them. (They should not be put in the dishwasher.) When she passed away in the '70s, I inherited the lot. What a prize!

    Over the years since then, I have added to the set so that each of our two married daughters have place settings for 12 plus serving pieces. With the winter scenes on them, they treasure using them for their holiday meals just like their great-grandmother did.

    The story goes that, if you purchased a particular dollar amount at the local supermarket, you could get the weekly featured piece of Currier & Ives. Don't we moms wish we could do that today?!

    *hugs* and happy organizing with that wholesome spirit of contentment,

  2. I like things in their place also. I have plans to do a huge amount of purging and organizing this fall. (hopefully sooner if time permits!) I don't know about you, but I feel so much better when things are neat and tidy!

    You have a great make do attitude regarding your kitchen. I lived with ugly blue counter tops and a back splash in my kitchen for years. I hate to admit that I didn't always show the proper amount of gratitude that I had a decent, if ugly, kitchen.

    I've been to the grocery and could use a nap myself. :)

  3. I am currently purging and attempting to reorganize. We live in a small house and there are three bedrooms with 5 people in the home. It makes any kind of organization a chore.

  4. Your home is just country cozy and I love the red and white! And my mother had those same dish set! Makes me miss her so much. Those junk drawers are just always needed a clean out ever so often! You always inspire me!
    Roxy ;)

  5. I like your red and white kitchen. Your kids will always have fond memories of the red and white kitchen. I need to organize my drawers too. Yours look great.

  6. I think your red and white kitchen is so cute. I love your decorating style and the candles make it look so cozy.
    Long time lurker, Barbara

  7. I love the red and white. Thanks for the encouragement. I need to purge and organize my kitchen.

  8. Love the color of your kitchen! We use clothes pins to seal bags also - lol - I thought I was the old one who did that!



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