Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Blessings of a Simple Home

Madelyn's first zucchini...

Pumpkin scents (and vanilla too) are my favorite and can be enjoyed year-round!

The "old" living room is now turned into a school room/library. My table is set up in front of the windows and it has my large laser printer on it. Definitely not a lovely sight in front of the windows but is efficient! :)

I love this view (below) from my dining room. :) I have meatballs (and sauce) in the crock pot and just got back from a run...so when Chris and Xavier get back from doing hay, we'll be enjoying supper at this table and it won't look so tidy! :) That's okay though...family around the supper table is one of my favorite things!

Madelyn now has two zucchinis ready for use. She was looking up all kinds of recipes for them...

Isn't this old basket so wonderful? I don't think I have shared it before. My aunt gave it to me. It is from my grandpop's grandmother (I think)...I may have it mixed up...but trust me, it is OLD! I *love* it!

Filling up this cupboard with casserole dishes and platters...

So Madelyn's 15th birthday has come and gone (I'm still processing the fact that I am the mama of a FIFTEEN year old!). Those of you who have been following my blog for a while (or even, *gasp* from the beginning of it!), can you believe how the years have passed!?

Today, we were helping my mom prepare for a yard sale (my sister and her girls were there too!) plus, all three children had music lessons this afternoon. Tomorrow evening, I think I will be helping my aunt continue to unpack from her move. (I long to get her things where they all need to be so she can feel *settled*). Mad and Jax have a recital tomorrow afternoon and Thursday, I am meeting with a friend/homeschooling mama whom I am teaming up with to teach a history class (for 1st and 2nd graders) at our co-op this year. And on and on life goes. Of course, in the midst of all that is exercising, cleaning/organizing/housework, and the like (and of course a *nap* when time allows!).

Friends, it is *such* a blessing to keep your home, tend to your husband and children, and have the time to help others (a servant's heart is a beautiful thing and something I strive to have as my Jesus did/does). We do not have a large income, but the Lord has *always* provided for us and we have never been in need. We don't go on vacations, buy expensive vehicles or put things on credit cards. None of those things are wrong...but for us, we spend our money in different ways and don't like being in debt. We have a little left to pay on our Honda Pilot but then we will only have our mortgage as debt.

I try to encourage mamas to stay at home if they can. Often, people get upset with me for saying that...but why wouldn't I urge women to do what is biblical? Children need their mamas to care for them. Men were designed by God to be the providers. If a mama works...it doesn't mean she is a BAD mom...but it isn't what is best for her family (I do understand single mamas don't necessarily have a choice).

If you feel the Lord tugging at your heart about this, I encourage you to read HERE (rather than me basically type out the same thing) and pray. Talk to your husband and get in the Word. There are sooo many things I would love to say but alas, Chris just walked through the door. :) Time to serve my family (supper time)! :)

Sending smiles to you! I hope your week is God-glorifying and truly lovely!


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  1. Katy~What a beautifully written post as you share your sweet heart for other mothers to stay home with their families. It is a joy and a privilege to be in the home loving and caring for those the good Lord has blessed us with. I too desire to be a servant of the Lord, giving all the glory to Him.

    Your dinning room table is quite inviting and warm looking. Lovely memories are made around the meal time.

    Joy! Debbie

  2. Good Morning Dear Katy, Yes the fruits of her labor two zucchinis... I am sure it is the beginning of much more to come! As she has been blessed to have a mother to stay home and to teach and guide her! Yes sitting around the table for dinner or prayer is a powerful and precious thing! Yer so many no longer do that as a family. Sounds like you are all doing well and enjoying all that you have and all He has given!
    Thinking of you!
    Hugs, Roxy

  3. Let us know what Madelyn decides to make with those zucchini. I saw a teeny tiny one in my garden the other day so hopefully it won't be to much longer. It sounds like your family is keeping busy this summer. Here in Indiana I am afraid we are heading to a drought. We have been low on rain and the next four days we will have temps in the high 90's. Not my kind of weather! And thank you for the encouragement your blog is in the journey of staying home. I love staying home and taking care of my family. It truly is a blessing.

  4. It is always a warm and cozy visit with you in your home! Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)

  5. A beautiful post Katy. You were very gentle, encouraging, and loving in your encouragement to mommas to be home with their children if possible.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog for many years. I apologize for not writing more often. I am here this morning, because I started reading my own blog from my first post with the intention of reading it all. It has been wonderful to relive old memories and to be encouraged by my own writing! ~smile~

    Anyway~ The reason I'm here this morning is that I came across this blogpost that I wrote about you!I invite you to take a look.


    Be blessed my friend and enjoy the rest of your summer prepping time.

    Do drop by and say hello!

    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    Carthage, Missouri

  6. Katy, Thank you for sharing snippets into your family life. I crawled into the picture of your dining room table in front of the inviting windows.

    I appreciate the sensitivity in which you spoke about moms Biblical call to stay home. For me personally, I was so blessed to stay at home with my children and homeschool. That's not to say I didn't work. The Lord provided a means for me to work from home and I still had ample time to care and teach my children. When we seek Him He accomplishes ALL that concerns us.



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