Monday, July 11, 2016

Home: Furniture, Dishes, Books and More!

Whew! Such a busy summer it has been. Trying to reorganize, deep clean, and keep up with *normal* chores can keep a wife on her toes! I need to finish cleaning windows (as I started earlier this morning but stopped to fill a few sticker orders and get them in the mail) and then get outside to mow some before it gets too hot. Quickly, though, I wanted to share some of our home improvements and fun things! :)

Pictured above and below is a fantastic bench I found made of old barn wood beams! It is a beautiful piece and fits perfectly in our mudroom! Chris wanted something to sit on when he puts on his work boots and I was thrilled to find this sturdy bench!

This guy. He helps his uncle at auctions, rakes hay on the tractor and helps put it into the barn, works at my dad's garage and more! Sometimes, he just poops out! Getting him to work as hard at his chores as he does doing "man" work is not easy to do...especially when he comes home exhausted! But it's the summer and he is working so the other children and I just work together to get everything done around here!

A book I have been reading bits and pieces of from time to time...

There's me in all my busy wife and mama back, red faced and probably sweaty too! hehe...

An intense Monopoly game...(as Madelyn reads between her turns....good grief!)...

My aunt gave me this great glass piece. She had it in her home but she moved to a smaller house and didn't have the room for I got it! Yay! Now, we just need to find a place to hang it! :)

Four books in my "To Read Soon" pile (to go along with the hundred other ones I have waiting for me...*shaking my head*)...

Although I *love* candles mostly in the fall and winter, I enjoy them year-round too! Never a bad day to have a candle glowing...

My famous peach-pie maker extraordinaire! Madelyn gets rave reviews on her peach pies and so she makes them whenever we have a get-together than includes *food*.

She uses peaches I had canned a few years back! :)

I am so, so excited to share this with you as well. My aunt (the one I mentioned above) had these fantastic Currier and Ives dishes set. It was from my great grandmother. She wasn't using them (hadn't for years....they just sat all boxed up) and knowing how much I wanted them, offered them to me! Eek! The excitement!! Aren't they beautiful?

*swoon* other news (are you still here? I know this has gotten dreadfully long! Sorry!)...Chris got my washer and dryer moved to the new laundry room and all hooked up! YAY!

Above the washer and dryer, Chris is going to build me a shelf to hold laundry soap etc! (Notice around the windows...we still need to finish the trim).

Chris's brother, knowing we wanted a utility sink for in the new laundry room gave us one he had and didn't need...brand new!!! *Such* a blessing! (That little dress bag holds my clothespins!)...

The *old* laundry room (whose walls are still in need of dire paining and such) has now turned into a bit of a pantry. I have our dry sink in there with goods stored in it...

As well as this *wonderful* shelf (another gift from my aunt)...

So we have been busy moving, rearranging and cleaning! :) I am so grateful for how the Lord provides for us. We don't live fancy...but we do live well. Others who have more money or affluence may not see our abundance...but it's there...not necessarily in a monetary way ~ but the Lord always takes care of us...we have never known true hunger or need. He watches over us...and it makes me praise Him all the more when I stop and think of how I deserve none of it. Nothing in and of myself deserves His provisions. He is so good.

Well, there are clothes to hang out and a lawn to mow...oh yeah, and those windows to finish washing! I'm sure you have things you need to do too! So, thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is productive and joy-filled all to His glory!


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Katy! It's full of all things *homey* and wonderful. :) I love the colour of your new laundry room walls. Isn't it the most amazing thing to have a laundry sink? There are always so many things to do....yippee for being a stay-at-home mama! XOXO

  2. I do love those dishes, and the pie looks divine! Has M. ever considered entering it in contests, such as 4-H? Do you have that up there? I have never mastered pies, but I make gourmet cupcakes for my kids at school.

  3. I love the dishes and all the goods. How wonderful. Everything looks so nice. But I always think your home is beautiful cozy and filled with such love. I would love to read Holiness Day by Day. Sounds interesting.

    Have a great week.

  4. Oh goodness, that pie looks delicious! Love everything about this post!

    Grace & Peace,

  5. Oh, those dishes bring back memories! I grew up eating on those. I recently asked about them thinking they might be in the top of my parents barn. Sadly, my mom gave them away sometime in the early 90's.

    I also painted my laundry area blue. It is still a work in progress. The cabinets are up as is the shelf above the appliances. I just need to pretty it up. All in due time!

    I always say we are blessed in all the ways that matter. Having loving husband, family and a home that meets my needs is all I need. The good Lord has blessed me in those areas abundantly!

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. I have a short list of blogs that I check when I need a 10 minute break from homemaking and caring for my young kids...yours is a favorite because you always motivate me to be productive and try to make a cozy home :). I even lit a candle today just before my husband got home after reading this, which I never do in the summer, and he complimented me on our clean home and yummy dinner and nice smell of the candle. I hope you have another satisfying and productive day tomorrow!

  7. I always love your posts, Katy--your home looks so cheerful and homey and full of the love and grace of Christ. And that pie!!! Beautiful! :-) Your daughter reminds me of my sister when we were younger--she was always reading, too!

    Blessings to you in Christ. :-)

  8. That bench looks perfect for your mudroom. Madelyn's peach pie looks tempting ♥

  9. Loving the bench and those beautiful dishes. Blue and white is so pretty.

  10. How I enjoy reading your blog Katy. As soon as I saw the bench I loved it.

  11. I see your abundance! My daughter is collecting dishes like that for her hope chest. Love the candles. I have a houseful of girls celebrating a Valentine's Day without boyfriends party.
    Candles burning through the house.

    Will you tell me the name of the color on your laundry room walls? Who makes it? Love it!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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