Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring at Home

There is just something about a freshly mowed yard that looks so neat and tidy. I love it! :) Now that spring has sprung, I will definitely keep busy with the mowing. I am *so* happy that I am feeling better after battling that flu for over a week. I am now back to exercising, normal routines and now, mowing. :)

The hosta I planted around our outdoor light is really taking off!

One day, I hope to make that enclosed front porch into a *real* front porch...with rocking chairs, of course! *smile* We also need to finish siding the dormers on the house...

Some of the girls out free-ranging...

Jaxson and Cash (since Ruthie passed, Cash has definitely become my sidekick!)...

Our resident birds (that always lay their eggs in a next in our rhododendron bush) have laid some beautiful blue eggs...

We still have all this to finish up and clean up (winter set in before Chris could finish it). It's a crazy mess (I just try not to look at it...haha!)...

Where Chris and Xavier buried my Ruthie-Girl...

Jaxson, with his still tender 10 year-old heart, picked dandelions while I was mowing and put them at the cross they made for her...

Leftover winter chaos in the backyard (but we are so thankful for that wood that people drop off here for free! We split and stack it as we have time!)...

My silly Jaxson boy peeking out the clubhouse window...

And around some *in*side corners of my simple, cozy home...

 In the new (still sparse) living room (I really need to get up the courage to actually put holes in the walls to hang some things up!)...

I've got to get some clothes out on the line to dry and finish up some other chores around here. This morning we did our prayer and catechism, homeschooling, chores and then I ran to an appointment I had as well as to Aldi (grocery store with some great prices!). I worked up a good sweat while mowing so I thought I would take a quick break to sit down and write a post...but now, my break is over. I am good and cool-off....so time to get back to the grind! :)

I hope your spring is starting out beautifully. Just remember your home doesn't have to be expensive or fancy to be tidy, pretty and cozy. All you need is love, simple decor with things that make you and your loved ones feel warm and comfortable...and *energy*. Energy is quite necessary because you simply *must* keep up with your home chores in order to keep your place tidy. I'm not saying magazine-perfection clean....but for your family to truly feel safe, cozy, and comfortable you need to be a *homekeeper*. Home*making* is the fun part....deciding what goes where and how to make it organized and pretty....Home*keeping* is a bit trickier as that is the seemingly mundane tasks that we must do every day. Dishes, laundry, dusting, sweeping, scrubbing sinks and toilets....and the list goes on. The beauty of it is....as wives and/or mothers, *this* is how we minister to our families. We fill the role God gave us to stay busy at home!

Okay, okay....I know, sometimes I can just go on and on (...and ON)! I'm really going now....really. ;) Have a great week!


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  1. Still love to read your blog.

  2. Hi katy, glad to see all your sunshine! We have had sun and hot weather for oh about a month now and I don't like it one bit. I don't do well with the hot temperatures. How sweet of your little one bringing flowers to you're doggies grave. Happy to hear you are felling better enjoy your sun!! Blessings joann

  3. Glad you are feeling better! That flu is a nasty thing! My "girls" won't leave my hosta's alone! They peck them down to nothing. Even with a wire cage around them, they get in.
    Yes, love a fresh mown lawn. Right now we could mow twice a week! But I don't care, I love Spring and Summer.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Love your blog! Your home is so warm and cozy...I just love it.

  5. So nice how you live.
    I love your living room and kitchen! !!


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