Sunday, May 15, 2016

Folk Music Competition

Xavier participated in the Folk Music Competition yesterday. He did a great job and we are proud of him. He was the youngest banjo player. He didn't place (as the others seemed to probably have been playing since before X was born! haha) but we were so proud just the same! You can view the two minute video of it HERE.

Madelyn with a family friend *a little blurry*...

I love the place the competition was held in (but it was so cold...we are even having snow flurries here in Western PA!)...

Madelyn and Me (my hair did have some volume later in the day...haha...I know it's quite flat here!)...

 My little banjo player...

I didn't get a picture of him actually playing since I was videoing it all you'll have to click the link at the beginning of the post to see that (if you are's only a couple min. long).

I hope you have a beautiful week ahead!

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  1. I am glad Madlyn let you post some pics. I remember how hard it was being her age. She's very pretty


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