Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Simply Lovely Thursday in May

It is absolutely beautiful here today...the sort of day that when I am hanging out laundry, all I can think of is that Heaven must be like this (and *better*). The temperature is perfect, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the scent of my freshly-mowed grass is in the air. 

Xavier went to my parents' home last evening to spend the night and then help them out by mowing around their house today. Madelyn and Jaxson have been here at home helping me. Along with outdoor work, house chores and the like, I have been busy getting the children's homeschool portfolios ready to give to our evaluator as well as figuring out what we will be using for next year (always a daunting task to me...there are so many things to choose from)...

Letting the cast-iron dry (it gets a lot of use in our home!)...

More in the kitchen...

Madelyn's favorite spot...

Jaxson did some painting. He was limited on the colors we had but he had fun just the same!

Outside, I have been planting more flowers and setting them up differently...

In the photo below, you can see a little shrub towards the bottom of the pic (near the steps). I just planted it (it's a hydrangea). It should grow beautifully and bloom each year! I *love* perennials...

My simple porch (I am *not* a fan of clutter...but when it comes to flowers...there is no such thing as too many!)...

Some of my hosta growing (I have hosta in numerous places around our property...I just love it so! It is hardy, lovely and comes back every year!)...

Clothes are out drying on the line...

With the front door open, I was outside planting and could hear Madelyn playing inside. :) She and Jaxson have a recital tomorrow evening...

So, now I must go. I am going to take a little rest (also known as a *nap*) and then either continue mowing here or else drive out to my parents' place to help Xavier with the mowing there. I hope you are enjoying as glorious a day as we are! It is truly a day you can't help but smile and have a cheerful heart!

So glad you stopped for a visit!

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  1. Are your children done with their schooling for the year then? My kids have 5 days left and we can't wait.

  2. Katy What a nice day.I try to visit you a couple of times a week. While looking at the photos I noted the heater in the laundry line photo. Could you share what make it is is and is a wood burner and how do you like it if so?

  3. It all sounds and looks lovely, Katy! Your home is so inviting and cosy. I love all the flowers on your beautiful! Hugs, Camille

  4. Your home looks very inviting. I may need to visit - Just kidding. I am thankful for the opportunity you give us to share in the beauty of your home.

  5. Katy, It was such a treat to come by here and read about your day.

    I too love hostas! They are so hardy and pretty! My husband and I are thinking of planting some around the bottom of the big pine tree in our front yard and then add some mulch. :-)

    Thank you so much for sharing your sweet, country day. :-)

  6. You're living a beautiful life Katy!
    I hope you enjoy your summertime.

    Please drop by and say hello!
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!

  7. Simply lovely is right! Thank you for sharing the sweet things in life with us :)


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