Wednesday, April 20, 2016

From the Old to the New

Since we moved our furniture from the old living room into the new living room, it was time to transform the old living room into a library/school room. We'll still do most of our schoolwork at the table in the dining room but this will be a place to keep a lot of our books etc. 

The walls still have yet to be refinished in this room...but that will have to happen at a future date...right now, the focus is on finishing the entry way and laundry room areas in the addition. :)

Here is where my laptop is set up as well as my sticker-making things. :) We have the boys' school boxes under the table (that contain their workbooks etc.). Madelyn does most of her work up in her room.

Between moving stuff, dust and such ~ I am now congested and coughing a lot. I hope it passes quickly as it is annoying! Ha! Xavier is feeling so much better today...having that antibiotic in him, as well as some ibuprofen, has made him seem back to 100%. He's done his schoolwork and chores and has tried talking me into going for a walk or shooting hoops with him. I told him he still needs to relax a bit (plus, I have been super busy today....washing/hanging out loads of laundry, moving books, bookshelves and other furniture, dusting, dishes...and the list goes on...).

Thank you for all the sweet comments about the loss of my well as on our new living room. I always appreciate them so much! :)

Thanks for visiting! Have a great evening ahead!


  1. Looks lovely and hope you don't get too sick. I have been down for 17 days.Not fun.

  2. Isn't it nice to have a workable space to homeschool? We recently remodeled our homeschool room and now the kids actually want to be in there, although we still do a lot around the kitchen table or on the couch, or in the hammock ;)


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