Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April Joys & Tears...

 The past week has been busy...full of ups and downs. As the sun shines gloriously through the windows right now, I am sitting with a grateful heart to my Lord, Who is with me through it all.

I have laundry to hang out on the lines and other things I must get busy with...but quickly, here is a peek at what's been going on around here lately...

Homemade rolls for supper...

Jaxson is a munchkin in our homeschool co-op's drama performance of The Wizard of Oz. They will be performing this upcoming Friday night and Saturday afternoon. :) Another mama and I worked on these wings and shoulder pads for the flying monkeys...

This was what outside looked like a week ago....inches and inches of snow ~ in April!? Crazy spring weather here in Western PA. I am *very* happy to report it is now melted and we are *finally* expecting some warmer temperatures!

Fresh cut flowers (purchased inexpensively from Aldi) make me *happy*! They look and smell wonderful and are the perfect thing for keeping spirits up as the snow was falling outside! :)

We've been priming and painting the trim for in the new living room, entryway and laundry room (we're *almost* there!)...

Our church went rollerskating this past Saturday (it's an annual thing we all look forward to!). The pictures I have of Madelyn aren't posted because she didn't approve of them! Silly girl!

Chris skates very well...

I skate decently...I don't fall and can go a decent children, however, were on the floor...a lot. Poor dears! Every time they fell I cringed (ok...truth be told, sometimes I laughed ~ it was *funny*!....but I always made sure they were okay!). Madelyn ended up with a horrible, large bruise on her knee! Despite their lack of ability, my children *love* to skate and already want to go again!

Jaxson...taking a tumble (getting decent pictures of people skating is difficult! They were either blurry or by the time my flash went off, they had whizzed by!)...

Xavier was thrilled that, although he fell, he has improved *greatly* since skating last year!

On a sad note, I had to put my beloved Ruthie down yesterday at the vet. My constant companion for the past 11 years had developed pyometra. The surgery was really expensive and didn't have a guarantee she would even survive it. She was a sick girl...not eating, vomiting some, limping (if she would even get up). It was terrible. I just loved and loved on her! It was absolutely awful to have to have her put down but it was in her best interest as she would just get worse and worse. I cried so much yesterday that I think I cried out all my tears that I had. I miss her and keep expecting to hear her and see her. I love the photo below...she always looked at me like I was the best thing in the world (and honestly, I think I was in her eyes). She will be *greatly* missed...

Sorry to leave on such a sad note....but I must admit, the Lord has been comforting my heart through the love of my family (who is hurting over it too...but knows how close I was with my Ruthers) and friends who have had such thoughtful words of love and understanding. It's crazy how attached we can get to our pets! I just may need to get the picture above printed and makes my heart glad to look at her.

Before I start crying again...I better run. The laundry won't hang itself nor will the dishes was themselves. Thank you for visiting today.



  1. Kat, I will pray for you to deal with Ruthies death. They really are like family. It is never easy to put a beloved pet down. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the warmer weather headed your way!

  2. Where you go I go. Where you stay I will stay. She will always go with you in your heart. So sorry for your loss. Lots of love and prayers your way.

  3. So sorry to hear of the loss of Ruthie. So many memories are associated with our pets. God certainly created them for us here on earth. They are loyal and faithful friends....loving us unconditionally. Blessings to you and your family today Katy.

  4. I am so sorry for the loss of Ruthie. If it helps at all, know that you loved her enough to trade your pain for hers.

    in His peace,

  5. I'm so sorry for your pet loss. We lost two of our dogs in the past year . . . so hard.

  6. I am so sorry about your furry friend's death. It is so hard. We've done that twice and it is gut wrenching. You can tell by her cute face that she loved you dearly and you did the best for her.

  7. Oh how exciting on the remodel almost complete.....soon to be rearranging, decorating oh the fun.....and what fun for your family to go skating, such wonderful memories.......and for your companion, I am sorry for your loss and heartache, yes we do get so attached to our fur babies.......I know when my Chloe's passes it will be so heartbreaking as well...blessings to all of you......

    Thoughtful prayers

  8. Sending prayers for comfort and peace. "I see your tears.“It’s me, I haven’t left you,I’m here.” I'm with you in spirit, and forever in your Heart,"

  9. I am very sorry about Ruthie. I have been in that position numerous times. It is never easy as they are such important parts of our lives.

  10. So very sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet dog. Oh, my, they can become so dear to our hearts, can't they? We have lost many dogs, also, and it never gets any easier. God bless you and comfort your heart as you grieve.

  11. Oh gosh, how my heart breaks for you. My animals are my babies and it is tough when they get sick. Praying for comfort for you and your family.

    Grace & Peace

  12. Sorry about Ruthie, but know that you carry her in your heart always. It is hard to lose a pet and I am sure that your heart is breaking, but I also know that God will comfort you. Sounds like you have had some fun though and that is good.

  13. It will not get better but it will get easier.

  14. So sorry to hear about Ruthie, she was a beautiful member of your family. I dread the thought of the possibility of putting my "big guy" down in a few years.

    Thinking of you and your family,

  15. So sorry to hear about Ruthie. We did that last May with our dog, his was sudden which made it even more heartbreaking. (He was fine one day and the next day he had to be put to sleep. A month later he would have turned 8.) Our pets may not be our children, but they sure do come close. They trust us and love us like our children do and are also our best friends. It's okay to grieve for your loss, no shame in that at all. Over time it will get easier, but you will never forget her. :)

  16. Sorry for your loss, Katy! :-(

  17. Hugs to you, Katy. I'm so sorry you had to part with your Ruthie. Yes, it is absolutely a real thing to grieve the loss of a pet. May you know the Lord's loving hand upon you as you walk this path. XOXO

  18. My heart aches for you. Our pets are so special and they add so much to our lives. She'll be waiting for you on the other side. God bless.

  19. Katy - I'm so sorry about your Ruthie. That is so, so very hard. We had to put down one of our dogs two years ago, and I still think about her and miss her.

  20. So very sorry to hear of your loss of Ruthie, I know that pain all too well. So sad getting to know her and what she meant to you through your posts. Keeping you and your family in my prayers as you go through this difficult time of adjusting to life without her.


  21. Katy - So sorry about Ruthie. She just had the sweetest little face. I loved your posts about her and how she was always following you around. Pets add so much unconditional love to our lives, I believe that she is healthy once again and playing happily over the Rainbow Bridge. Keeping you in my prayers during this sad time.


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