Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"April is a promise...

 ...that May is bound to keep."
~ Hal Borland

April, April....how can it be? These months are flying furiously by me! Spring is definitely here with it's crazy temperatures (warm one week, chilly the next ~ we even had a little snow!). Although quite chilly outside today, the sun is shining and it is a welcome sight!

We have been *keepin' on* each day with life. We are so busy...and yet, not. Isn't that strange? Much of what keeps us "busy" is the normal necessities of life....school work, housework, errands and the like. Add to that our homeschool co-op days (which are only twice a month), the occasional field trip, drama practice (Jaxson is a munchkin in our co-op's production of The Wizard of Oz that will be performed later this month), church, exercise (I teach spin or workout on the ellipticals, Chris lifts in the weight room and runs and the children enjoy shooting hoops and playing a little basketball with their daddy *and sometimes mama*). And of course, there are always groceries to buy, checkbooks to balance, meals to plan/make etc. So much of our busyness is quite the normal stuff of life. We do get downtime though and it's lovely. :) I still strive to take a nap whenever I can. The afternoon hits and I am just beat!

Chris has finished the flooring in our addition...even in the laundry room (which I've shown a couple photos down). Last night, he and our brother in law put the doors in!

In the living room...

In the mudroom/entryway...this shows the door going into the laundry room...

The laundry room with finished flooring and my cleaning closet door in (we just need to put on the coat closet doors and trim...

This is in the mudroom/entryway (below). If you walk in the back door, the laundry room door is to the left and ahead is the door into the living room. We need to get knobs for the doors, paint the doors and trim and then put the trim up (along the floor, windows and doors) and then we are ready to MOVE IN! I am trying ever-so-hard to be patient but oh, I am so ready to just get everything in its place! Yay! **Please note, the floors are filthy but with the construction still going on in there, I haven't been sweeping/cleaning them diligently yet. I look forward to giving them a good cleaning and then getting all our furniture set in place! :)

I have also been making stickers and packaging up orders and sending them out. :) I have better quality sticker paper now and a great printer so I am happy with how they are turning out. I'm not getting a ton of orders, but they come in slowly but surely and I am super grateful for each one. :)

At the moment the children are doing their independent homeschool work. I had to order Chris's contacts and now I need to switch the laundry and wash up some dishes! :)

Have a great week and thanks so much for catching up with me here! :)


  1. Your life sounds like mine. I seem to be busy all the time with just the day to day stuff. I have been getting some pressure to return to work (from my father & step-mother-in-law) and finally I asked Chuck if that is what he wanted me to do. He said no way! nothing would get done around here. :) (He is going to put a stop to their not so subtle comments.) I often wonder how women who work and have a family keep up. I find that I am constantly busy and there is a ton of other things I could be doing also. Your weather sounds like ours. I am ready for a warm up, but will be grateful for the greening up and sunshine! Now I must run as I am also doing laundry and just heard the buzz on the dryer. Have a great day!

  2. Dear Katy you are so close now to moving in your new room. I enjoy the catch up posts so much :) Best wishes x

  3. The new rooms look great! I am glad to see that things are coming together. I have not felt well for about a month and I have been working around here as much as I can.

  4. Katy - Everything is looking great!

  5. I always appreciate your cheery outlook on things, Katy. Your new additions to your home look amazing! I agree with you, everything in its place is a good way to live....but, not always possible. I can just picture you getting it all set up cosy and welcoming. Enjoy the journey...you are almost ready to move in!! Hugs, Camille

  6. Loved my visit here catching up. I'm so happy for you about your additions. Hope your business takes off!

    Please drop by and say hello!
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