Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A New (to us) Bed!

I was so excited one day when my mom called and said that my grammie was selling the bed that she and my grandpop owned since I was 2! It is a beautiful queen sized 4 poster/canopy bed...solid wood and just gorgeous! She sold it to us for a great price (such a blessing!) as she just really wanted to have the money to purchase a full sized bed for herself (as my grandpop passed away almost 14 years ago). Grammie was so glad to know it would still be in the family. :) Mom called to tell me about it the very evening I had to put Ruthie down. I was having a horrible, tear-filled day and that little excitement actually brought a smile to my face that evening! :) 

My grammie lives on the other side of Pennsylvania. My mom was going to visit her for a few days (she took Jaxson along for the trip) and took her truck so she could bring the bed home with her! :) 

Despite all of us being less-than-great in how we all feel (more about that below), we put the bed together last evening. It was sad seeing our old bed go (which is still in perfect condition). We bought it probably a year or two into our marriage. It is a queen-sized iron sleigh bed that looks like it has vines along it. It's really pretty and truly, no reason not to keep it....except this offer for this gorgeous bed was too wonderful! 

It is going to take a little bit to get used to the height though. It sits up *super* high. I love it! :)

As shown in the photos, I have a store bought quilt on the top. It lays over the beautiful quilt Chris's mama made us. I hate to cover it with the store bought quilt but the cats' claws will sometimes catch in it and we don't want the *good* quilt to be ruined. I suppose I could have taken the top quilt off for pictures....but I was just snapping a few quickly before getting ready for bed...

Thankfully, there is just enough room between two of the posts for the ceiling fan to work. :)

We've all been down and out lately with a bit of a bug. Body aches, fever, coughs, exhaustion...

I've had it since Thursday (and am still not 100% yet). Chris started feeling it Saturday night/Sunday morning...the children have been coughing too but not feeling quite as awful as Chris and I have.

I haven't left the house since Friday (and that day only because I had to). We are quite in need of groceries though and I am going to *have* to go sometime soon. I haven't taught spin or exercised since last Wednesday night! I found a sub for my class yesterday morning and I teach twice tomorrow....so I am hoping I can feel back to 100% today.

We stayed home from church on Sunday (because of feeling horrible as well as not wanting to spread our sickness) and listened to sermons by Alistair Begg and Voddie Baucham on Sermon Audio.

I've gotta run....going to make scrambled eggs for everyone for breakfast (thankfully, we always have an abundance of eggs). Then we need to get some schooling done and I suppose, venture out to get groceries...eek! Thanks for visiting!



  1. Oh Katy what a wonderful blessing for you, that bed is beautiful......and to know it was your grandparents even more.......I pray for fast full recovers for all of you, I had the crud and unfortunately hate to say, I had it for 3 weeks...two dr visits two rounds of antibiotics, inhaler and over the counter medicine, I am finally feeling allot better.......

    Blessings all of you recover quickly
    Rhonda in Ohio

  2. Hi katy, love the new bed! Sure is beautiful and I know what you mean about the bed being high ours is also pretty high....we even have to put an ottoman at the edge so the doggies can get on it :)praying you all feel better soon. Blessings joann

  3. What a treasure! I'm so glad you were able to buy it!

  4. That bed seems to fit you and your home perfectly! And how wonderful that it stayed in the family. Hope you all are feeling better soon. Spring time sickness feels so horrible.

  5. Katy!
    The bed is beautiful! That is such a treasure and I know you appreciate that. Hope your family is all well soon.
    Love ya! Marie

  6. I love the bed! It reminds me of one that I slept in when I lived with my dad during college. Wish I had it now!
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  7. It's so special to receive a treasured family heirloom, isn't? It looks like a very comfortable place for the family to gather and share the events of the day. I was lucky enough to inherit my grandfather's stamp collection, and I've spend hours maintaining and expanding it. I hope my kids are excited to have it one day.

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store


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