Thursday, March 3, 2016

On Headcovering and Skirts...

So, I have had some questions asked of me lately and I thought it would be best to address them in a post rather than individual comments or emails. All pictures in this post are from the other evening...we came home and walked in the door and the electric went out! It was a transformer down the road that only took a couple hours to we enjoyed some soft candle and lamplight for the evening!

Planning by oil lamplight...

Thankful for a gas stove so we can contiue cooking and baking when our electric is out...

So...back to the topics at hand. First up...why I don't wear skirts exclusively anymore...

When I began eating right/exercising and losing weight back in the summer of 2012 I still wore skirts. Many of my skirts began to get too big for me. I also realized that despite weightloss, I still looked *big* because of how my skirts would balloon out. To this day...after losing as much as I have, I carry the extra weight in my waist/abdomen area. When I wear a skirt I feel as though I appear frumpy and it adds the look of extra pounds on me. I still *love* skirts and love to be/feel feminine. I love aprons and completely cherish my role as a wife, mother and woman.

When I asked my husband about his feelings on this, he wanted me to be comfortable. It was odd at first, but I began to wear pants/capris more daily. I always still wear skirts to church and for some other events as well (and even day to day in the summer some). I also realized that we have freedom in Christ. I didn't need to be so strict on myself (thinking that I was being more Godly in wearing skirts). The truth is that as long as I was dressing appropriately (to my husband's standards) and modestly (according to God's standards) that how I was dressing would not cause a brother to stumble...then I had the freedom to dress as I do. I make sure my appearance is always feminine looking. In no way do I want to appear as a man or take on the role of a man.

To be 100% honest, I hope to reduce my waist size as I continue to watch what I eat and exercise. I would love to be able to look pretty and feminine in skirts and dresses more. I try not to be discontent with myself...but I do so love watching movies such as Pride and Prejudice and other such movies based on times when women dressed so lovely. I see the ladies with their small waists and love how they can dress as they do and look so elegant.

So...all of that being said: here it is in a nutshell ~ I still love skirts and dresses and wear them...just not exclusively as there is no biblical mandate to do so.

Madelyn played us some songs on the piano while we were without electric. The flash makes it appear that we had a lot of light...but we truly didn't. The house glowed and it was beautiful...

Finally, on to the matter of headcovering. I have been covering my head for public worship now for months. I feel it is biblical to do so but I don't call others out on it. I feel that is the job of the Holy Spirit to so convict if He feels it necessary. I studied and studied on this subject. I also studied with some other women I know (who don't cover) and they actually came to the same conclusion I did. I asked my husband as well and he is still not 100% sure of how he feels on it but encourages me to cover if I feel convicted about it.

“If Paul merely told women in Corinth to cover their heads and gave no rationale for such instruction, we would be strongly inclined to supply it via our cultural knowledge. In this case, however, Paul provides a rationale that is based on an appeal to creation, not to the custom of Corinthian harlots.”
~R.C. Sproul

You can read the specific scriptures on this here: 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 . Rather than me go through *why* I cover in public worship, I encourage you to read the scriptures and see how the Lord directs you in these matters. I also encourage you to check out this link: The Head Covering Movement ~ THIS post being highly informative.

I do *not* believe this is a salvation issue at all...just a matter of obedience. It is written in the book of Corinthians telling the people how proper conduct happens in the church. Directly following this Paul talks of the Lord's Supper. I have many reasons why I believe these scriptures are not just written for that culture....however, as I said above if you are interested in this as is probably best for you to come to your own conclusions before reading mine. If this topic seems to be of interest to you and I am asked to write a more in-depth post on it, I will be happy to oblige. :) Just let me know in the comments below!

I hope you are having an enjoyable, Christ-exalting week.
Thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. I did not know that you wore skirts/dresses exclusively in the past. I struggle with this myself. Thank you for the post.

  2. I went through a period of my life that I never wore pants as I felt it was wrong for women to do so, but now that I am on the farm, I find that I wear them more often than not. However, I firmly believe that Christ expects us to wear dresses in church. I am thankful that I have instilled those virtues in one daughter as well.

  3. These are good explanations of your convictions.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. Been enjoying your blog since linking to it a few weeks ago, Katy. (I started at the beginning.) I appreciate your transparency, compassion, love for your family, hearth and home, and dedication to live a life that glorifies the Lord. I also love candlelight and wish I hadn't taken a cute wall oil lamp to the Salvation Army recently! Do you still suffer with TMJ? I've had TMJ/stress headaches for many years. Blessings to you, lovely young wife and mom!

  5. I appreciate the fact that you do not shy away from potentially controversial topics, Katy. You handle these things with such grace and wisdom and your heart of love shines through your writing. :) We used to attend a church where headcovering was required of the female membership. So, for 11 years, I wore a hat to church. However, it was not a personal conviction for us, so, when we would visit other churches, I did not cover my head. You are right...the Lord will convict and lead as we seek Him for wisdom in this area. How precious it is to belong to Him! Hugs to you! Camille

  6. My thoughts are that the ladies on Pride and Prejudice, while indeed feminine, are not modest. Obviously eyes are drawn to their body shapes I.e. "tiny waists." Numerous women tortured themselves with corsets in order to achieve "the look." Really it's no different then the women who go through the extremes of tanning beds, globs of make up,etc.

    On another note, I love the photos you shared. It's nice to relax by candle light.


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