Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Color on the Walls...

If you have been following along with me lately, you'll know we have been working hard at finishing our addition! I am *so* excited to announce that color is on the ceilings and walls and flooring has been ordered (I can't WAIT for it to arrive!). We are so close to moving things in and getting everything in its proper place that it is making me quite giddy! :)

For the ceilings we used an off white color called Tahitian Vanilla. The walls in the new living room are a smidge darker than that....they appear light gray in the photos...but they aren't exactly that either. It will show better once we are moved in and have things in place I think. It's hard to describe exactly (and I am forgetting the official name at the moment)...

 The new laundry/mud room is a blue color called "Cold Snap". I associate blue with feeling crisp and clean. I think when we have the white washer, dryer and utility sink in there it will look nice!

All trim and the doors to the coat closet and cleaning closet will be painted the same color as the ceilings!

The entryway through the backdoor to the laundry room and living room areas is in a color two shades lighter than the laundry room. It actually turned out a brighter blue than I had hoped...but it's okay. Once I hang up a few things in there that I plan to, it will help cut up the brightness (I hope!)...

In other news...my Christopher turned 37 last week! We celebrated with cake at my dad's garage (where Chris works)...then that evening at home I had a Luscious Lemon Delight dessert ready for him (he loves lemon)...

And before I close, I had to share this funny picture! It was actually darker than this picture makes it appear (we use lamps in our home...I like the soft glow of lamplight) but the flash brightened things up! Stella climbed up on Madelyn and parked herself like this! Mad looks un-amused, but I think she secretly loved it!

So, there's my little update for now. Homeschooling, housework, sticker-making, bible study, church, family, co-op and the like have been keeping us busy! I was thrilled to have temperatures in the 60's here today! I hung out laundry and the children and I did some cleaning outside (the yard after winter always just looks so icky...).

And quickly....as I need to hop off here and get supper made...I just wanted to share with you that I am now on Instagram (to help better promote my etsy shop...but also sharing some personal photos there as well some). You can find me HERE.

Bellies are a-grumblin'! I gotta run! Have a great week friends! Thanks so much for visiting!



  1. Katy,
    I love colors and I am sure you are excited waiting for the flooring. Your daughter looks a lot like my daughter's friend. I took a double take

  2. Katy it looks wonderful reminds me of when we did our remodel. Love the colors you choose. Thanks for the update. Blessings joann

  3. Everything is coming together really nicely Katy! Just started following you on Instagram too :-) Have a wonderful day


  4. Neat to see things coming along, I like the paint colors. :)
    Stella sure loves Madelyn! Our female cat will do that too. When she was a kitten she would sleep on my shoulder, but then she got too big for that. She sleeps on my hip at night. She's not a super friendly cat, hates to be picked up, but she loves to cuddle on her own terms. ;)
    I am following you now on IG!


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