Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Fun-Filled Field Trip Day!

Our homeschool co-op (that usually meets twice a month for class days) also has planned field trips each month! Two sisters from our group are our "Events" team leaders...and they pick some great places for our kids to go! We get group rates (which is better on the pocketbook) and enjoy going places with our Christian friends/homeschoolers! Not every family goes on every field trip (although there is always that option). Each family goes on the ones that their family would enjoy and learn from! :)

We were heading to the city so I invited my mom along. Having her in the passenger seat is comforting while this country girl deals with city driving! Our first stop was at Inventionland! Such a *fun* place! People actually *work* isn't a museum or anything like that. It is a business that will allow group tours to come in from time to time (and it was FREE)! It was really enjoyable for all of us (I am just waiting for Jaxson to start "inventing" things soon!). I don't want to give anything away for anyone who may visit as part of the fun was some of the surprises we encountered! It was super fun to learn, though, that one of the guys there who helped with the tour also homeschools his four children! :) **We were not allowed to take pictures inside so we had to settle for one on the outside of the building! They *did* take a group shot of all the kiddos inside and emailed it to us. I don't like to post things of other's children without permission though. :)

After Inventionland, we went to Phipps Conservatory. It was *fantastic* to say the least! The beauty....the beautiful scents in the was just perfect!!! I am a huge lover of Tasha Tudor and her gardens. It is what I aspire to do around our home! Being in the conservatory made me desire even *more* to plant beautiful flowers *everywhere*!!!

Come and take a look at what we saw (although there was *so* much more...and the lovely smells cannot be mimicked!)...

Jaxson and a buddy of his...looking "studious"...

Huge glass bowls...

Madelyn and Xavier walked around with some I have more photos of Jaxson since he stayed with my mom and me. My friend, Carrie, walked around with us as well...along with one of her sons (who is Jax's good buddy)...

This plant was absolutely huge...

There was a cute little "kids market" where they had plastic produce and shopping carts for children to play for a bit...

Look at the bananas growing...

We were thankful for the beautiful day so we could enjoy some of the things outside as well!

This was a massive looking tree stump that children could climb up and play in...

If you look carefully, you can see *me* in the reflection...

I love waterfalls!

My mom said that she could spend all day there amongst the flowers with a good book! It really was soo beautiful!

A chocolate tree...

Aren't these little things fabulous? They look like little lamp tops. Their actual name is slipping from my mind at the moment though...

These leaves are massive! Look at it compared to my hand!

Orchids *smile*....I love orchids...

These are the lady slipper flowers...see how the front looks like you could just slip a teeny tiny foot in them?

Madelyn and X...

This structure hangs up at the very top when you first walk into the entrance...

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the little tour with me. I didn't even post all of the pictures I took. I didn't want it to be *too* terribly picture heavy!

So after our homeschool co-op class day this past Monday...and then gone all day in the city yesterday...we are getting down to normal here at home (and it feels lovely). Back to books, writing, housework and the like. I had to fill a couple sticker orders and while the children are working on their schoolwork, I have laundry going and am tending to some other chores. I taught spin this morning at 6 and teach again tonight at 6! ;) I am definitely going to need a nap this afternoon!

Oh....and for those who may be wondering unfortunately, our flooring did *not* arrive on Monday as it was suppose to. I was disappointed...but there was nothing we could do. It is now expected to arrive *today* hopefully I will be able to show updated pictures of it soon!

I have received comments about my bullet journal photo I showed in my previous post. I would be happy to share some more pics and a post about it sometime soon! :) So keep an eye out for that! Until then, thanks so much for visiting and I hope the rest of your week is joy-filled! :)



  1. Katy it looks like you all had a lovely day!! Well done to you for going on a trip into the city :) Lovely pictures. Best wishes x

  2. SO pretty! I've never seen a chocolate tree before...interesting. :) It's lovely to see you, Katy. Your family always looks cheerful and like you are enjoying one another...what a sweet blessing. Hugs to you! Camille

  3. Katy, so happy to hear about an upcoming post on your journal pages. Thanking you in advance for that. Darn you didn't get your flooring on monday praying it comes soon. Loved all the pretty flower pictures. We got a new camera back in december and I haven't used it yet at all! Maybe sometime soon blessings joann

  4. Looks like a fun day! I always found that we had a hard time getting back to the books after a day like that. Those flowers are wonderful and I really am not a huge fan of flowers. I was excited to see some blooming in my yard recently!

  5. Oh my word! So many beautiful photos! What a wonderful place that is. I bet it smelled heavenly. I wish we had a place like that near us. Lucky ducks!

  6. How beautiful. What a fun trip. Your daughter has grown up. Oh my! What lovely kids you have. Blessings.

  7. I so enjoyed your pictures of your trip! Beautiful flowers! By the way, your new addition and the flooring look great! I always enjoy your postings and pictures, Katy. Hope you and yours have a blessed Easter!

  8. Inventionland is only about 30 minutes from here. We went there last year for a homeschool field trip, and it was such a cool place! I thought it seemed like it would be a really fun place to work!

  9. Madelyn has grown up so fast! How beautiful! I also enjoyed seeing all the beautiful flowers.


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