Sunday, February 7, 2016

House Renovation: Almost There!

I don't have much time to write...I need to get to bed. I have Bible reading to do as well as prayer...then it is to bed because we have a busy day tomorrow (my sister's FIL passed away ~ Monday is the funeral). I wanted to quickly upload some of the latest photos of the addition to our house. Chris, Xavier and our BIL, Dan, have been working *so* hard...I am so grateful...I can't even tell you how this blesses me! :) 

The last wall being finished with the drywall (this is the wall between the entryway and laundry room)...

Looking into the laundry room from the the right will be the coat closet and cleaning closet...

The other side of the laundry room... (to the right of the doorway will be a utility sink and to the right of the window there will be the washer and dryer)...

Another view of where the washer and dryer will go...

Chris and Dan letting Xavier and my nephew help...

Mudding has begun...

Dan did a majority of it, but Chris and X were there helping as well...

It's getting *closer*! I am so excited. I am thrilled to imagine getting everything decorated, situated and **organized**!!! :) I truly love making my house a home. It baffles me that some women don't enjoy that...?

Anyway...please remember my sister and her husband's family in your prayers if you will when you read this. Cory and his mama are really mourning the loss of Cory's father. I appreciate your prayers....I know they would as well!

Thank you for visiting! I apologize if these updates get boring...but I want to be sure to document the progress on, it is fun to share in my excitement! I have been waiting over 12 years so it is *such* a blessing to watch this all come together! Have a lovely week ahead!


Oh...and there are new stickers in my SHOP. :) Just in case you wanted to take a peek!


  1. Sincere condolences to her family.

    So happy for you getting the addition finished.

  2. Hey Katy! I read about your sister's father-in-law on her blog last week. That's so hard. Also, I wanted to let you know about our floowing. It is Stainmaster vinyl planks. Here is a link that should take you right to Lowe's website where that flooring is listed:!&N[]=1z0wd73&N[]=1z114m0

  3. And if that link doesn't work for some reason, just go to Lowe's website and look up Stainmaster vinyl plank flooring. We used the Washed Oak which is a more gray, lighter plank, but they have several different colors.

  4. Katy share to your hearts content I love all the updates and the pictures. Sure looks like a nice area for the laundry. Have fun decorating. Blessings joann

  5. Wow Katy you are so close to having it all in operation :) The finishing touches are just pure bliss.
    Thinking of Cory, Devon and their family. I will keep them in prayers. x

  6. wow lots of things are changing and your children are getting so big!!!!

  7. Katy, Sweet girl just keep sharing.. I am so excited for you.. and I agree I love homekeeping. My DIL has no desire to clean, cook, or anything for my son. Just don't understand. Prayers were said for you family, and sorry to hear of his passing and prayers will continue. SO ya know, I never find your posts boring.. actually inspiring..take care.. Connie in Ky

  8. I can't wait to see how you will make it a cozy place for your family! It's looking so good!!

  9. Love your post:) My kids and husband also pick on me about my grey hair. I wear them proud! I believe it is a sign of wisdom:)


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