Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Home: Organization & Projects

We keep busy around this home of ours... there is always something to organize, clean or make improvements to. I feel that as a homemaker I am in charge of keeping my home tidy, comfortable, cozy, and enjoyable for all that live or visit here ~ all to the glory of God. I struggle with perfectionism ~ which can wreak havoc on my being content (as frustrations can boil within me as walls aren't done, home improvement projects happen slowly and sometimes there just isn't the money to get it all done). But the truth is that all that we have is truly a gift from God...whether it be little or a lot. I constantly go to Him in prayers of gratitude ~ always striving to keep my heart right. It is so easy to see other homes (especially online) of people who have everything new, improved and *perfect*. It's not that I need or desire everything to be new and's more of a struggle with the unkempt look of a fixer-upper house. No matter how clean and neat and organized it is, there is still parts of it that are unfinished and appear unkempt. *That* is what drives me bonkers.

Here is what I have been up to lately...

Writing thank-yous (which I feel are very important) for Christmas presents we received...

A corner of my home...

Planning in my planner (a *must* in my life. I am a planner junkie! I love planners, planning, stickers and organization! The stickers you see here can be found in my SHOP)...

Isn't this planner cover great? I have had it for a while now. It is just fantastic because it keeps my planner closed and it protects my cover from getting damaged. If you have an Erin Condren Life Planner and are interested in one of these you can find them HERE...

A knitted dishcloth finish (it's a tulip)...

Keeping my papers organized in binders...

I have been keeping the boys' finished school papers organized in this large file keeper. Madelyn keeps track of all her own papers. The boys can't always be trusted to put the right papers in the right folders *neatly*. Since I will use some of these worksheets/lapbooks in their portfolios at the end of the year, I like to keep them neat...

I always keep my purse neat and tidy. I don't like for it to be any other way. You won't find loose papers, trash or anything really floating around in my purse. I like having it clean. I have always been this way with my purses. Do you feel similarly or is your bag a black hole?

A candle can make any old place look (and smell) pretty as it glows! The photo below is the addition on our house. It has served as a large mudroom for many years (as time and money aren't always in abundance) but Chris is really working to get it done for me this year! That was the only thing I wanted from him for Christmas! :) It will make a great mudroom and living room when it is finished...

This is how I store my dish towels. I use them often. I love to keep anything in baskets!

In the kitchen (although we have a dishwasher, I still end up washing a lot of dishes by hand. I wash all our knives, cast iron, wooden items, most plastic items and pots and pans ~ thus the dishes drying that you can see there)...

I painted our bathroom door in a "cottage white" color...

I've spent time ripping down wallpaper (oh a tedious chore that is!). We have plaster walls in our home. They chip and crumble easy. Before I can paint them they have to be repaired with mud and then sanded etc...

Jaxson's goldfish (which you can read about how we acquired them HERE)...just swimmin' around...

As more things happen in the addition to our home, I'll be sure to take pictures and update! I am *very* excited for a larger living room and a mudroom! :)

We have been back to homeschooling this week and our normal routine. I've been back on track with my eating (and it feels wonderful) and teaching spin often! I've been trying to squeeze in some knitting and reading as well lately. I have knitting projects I want to try and many books I want to read. I am not sure that I can fit it all in though with the other responsibilities I have!

That's what has been happening here in my neck of the woods! I'm so glad you came to visit! I have some other posts formulating in my head for another day, Lord willing. I hope you will stop back again soon!

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  1. Your home looks cozy and clean. Back to routines this week, feels good. Love your planner cover, mine is homemade from fabric. My purse is more an office in a bag too. Glad to see I'm not the only one. Love you pouches though.

  2. Good Afternoon, Katy,

    Your thank you notes look so very pretty.

    Last year I purged quite a few of our bookshelves and closets. So far, 2016, has me purging the basement. It feels so good to get rid of unused items and re-organize everything.


  3. Adorable dish cloth. Of course tulips are my favorite flowers. :) I certainly understand about the home projects! We have lived here for 14 years and still have many things we need to do. A little at a time, although that is not always easy. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished space.

  4. Hello Katy, I agree thank you cards or letters are very important! And I do clean my purse out often and I do keep my home clean and tidy! So glad that your new room is coming along!
    Happy New Year... Roxy

  5. Katy, I enjoyed my visit here today!

    I thrive on things being uncluttered and organized. I can start to feel stressed from clutter. lol.

    Since recently using a tote style for a pocketbook, I found a bunch of clear plastic zipper bags that I keep different things for my pocketbook in, making things easy to find and neat and tidy.

    Thanks for sharing. :-)

  6. Dear Katy,

    Your home always...ALWAYS....looks so cozy and inviting. I have been working on "thank you" cards as well. I love your planner and binders.

    Have a blessed day.

  7. I love hearing about your days, Katy. Such a godly woman you are..I know all the glory goes to God.

  8. I have to tell you (in all sincerity) I read your blog because your home looks so cozy and inviting. Magazine picture perfect homes rarely have a cozy, warm feel to them. I think your home exudes love and happiness....from the pictures anyways :).

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you, each, for your truly kind words! Such an encouragement you all are to me!!! :)

  10. Your home looks cozy and comfy. I wonder if you use all of the oil lamps that you have or are they just for decorations? I have a couple that need wicks and I will try to get the tonight in town. I also have been organizing and decluttering as we live in a small home with a new grandbaby and it makes for a tight environment sometimes.

  11. Sweet home and family. Remember it isn't what is in the home it is what is going on inside it.

  12. Hey Katy! I struggle with discontentment too, so I understand what you are saying. It definitely is an ugly monster! I like how you hung your basket of kitchen linens. That's a great idea! And what a cute knitted dishcloth that is!

  13. I am so excited for you that you will have a nice and clean living room/mud room area soon! I remember the joy when hubby added a "mini school room"... Darling dishcloth too! :)

  14. Hello there Katy, Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.

    I love this post because it is about homemaking, my favourite subject. It is great news that you are getting some work done around the home, it will look so nice when it is finished.
    I bought a purse organiser and it helps keep things in tidy. I do like order in my purse too. Your knitted dishcloth is lovely and so are your dish towels hanging in the basket. It all looks so welcoming in your pretty home.

    I had an unexpected break from blogging but have started anew again this year. I can see I have quite a bit to catch up with on your blog, so will spend some time going over your posts.

    Take care,



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