Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Little Thanks*Giving*

We were blessed to enjoy two different Thanksgiving meals. One with Chris's side last Sunday evening and then one with my family on Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when going to Chris's side's Thanksgiving feast. But I did remember to take pictures of what I made to take (yum)....

Pumpkin dip made with light cool whip, pumpkin, sugar free pudding and some spices...

...and baked corn...

At home, my boys were practicing their Christmas duet (that they will play in an upcoming recital)...

They really did a great job! I love listening to them!

At my parents' house, Xavier relaxes with Nickel, the dog...

Jaxson (aka: Dr. Who)...

My cousin, Molly, works for a flower shop and brought us *fresh* flowers for the table! They are beautiful and smell wonderful! She let me take some home!!!

Corners of my parents' home...

The chalk drawing that is framed on the wall below is one I did in high school...

Below is what my mom sent home with us....*too* many leftovers! Eek!

The night of Black Friday our town has a *Light Up Night*. We decorate my dad's tiltbed/tow trucks each year to go through the parade. The children have fun riding and throwing candy out. We were blessed as this year the temperature was 58*! Usually it is snowing and *super* fingers-frozen-cold!

Jaxson likes to help with the lights...haha!

We live in a very pretty town. Before the parade starts they have a train that drives up and down main street ~ taking children for rides! :) It's hard to tell as we were not in the middle of the crowd but there were a lot of people there!

Here comes my dad's tiltbed (driven by him) with my children on the back with some of their friends from church, throwing candy. Behind them is my dad's tow truck driven by my mom (with my cousins, Mariah and Molly, riding inside) with a couple of another one of my cousin's daughters sitting on the back throwing candy...

Although can see the lights in this pic below (we also had garlands strung around it)...

We have been busy I am sure you have been too. Along with Thanksgiving festivities, I have been filling sticker orders, designing stickers and we will soon be back to our homeschool routine.

Also, in sad, yet joyous news, Chris's sweet Grammie passed away recently. This afternoon was the viewing time and tomorrow is the funeral. Although she will be missed, she hasn't been well lately (although she was *always* sharp as a tack!) and this was expected. She was *to our delight* a Godly woman and follower of Christ so we *know* where she is and there is such comfort in that! Her eldest son (Chris's uncle) passed away unexpectedly earlier this year and he was also a believer. To lose them both within the same year is difficult yet okay...because in Christ, we have hope. We believe His promises that those who love Him will spend eternity with Him. What joy we have in that! And to know we will be reunited with them one day is comforting to the soul! :)

We also celebrated my niece, Audra's, first birthday recently! I will post about that soon! Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this post and I am thankful that you stopped by to visit! I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed and enjoyed with those you love most (or maybe you spent the time serving others ~ absolutely a beautiful way to be the hands and feet of Christ to a dying world!!).

Have a lovely week ahead and (if you want) please let me know you dropped by! I love to hear from you and always enjoy your comments and emails.

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  1. A lovely post, the boys have grown!
    Hugs to you on the home going of his Grammie,
    It is her ship sailing away from your shore,
    But on the Lord's side, "here she comes!"
    From my own Momma's funeral in 2003.
    Bless you all.

  2. Hello Katy,

    Condolences on the passing of Chris' Grammie. I pray her relationship with with Christ will continue to bring your entire family a tremendous amount of peace as everyone progresses through the grieving process.
    Your Thanksgiving celebrations sound wonderful ... and all those delicious leftovers - what a blessing!
    It looks a a very fun time at the Light Up Night parade. These sorts of events will be cherished memories for your children as they grow up.

  3. So pretty! I can see where you get your cosy decorating style from now my friend. Your Mama has things cosy and welcoming, too. :) Isn't music in the home a wonderful thing? What a blessing you have children that make music for you and others. So sorry to learn about your hubby's Grandma....but, so happy to know she is with the Lord! How precious it is to belong to Him! What HOPE we have in our Saviour. Hugs, Camille

  4. Beautiful Thanks Giving photos and of you Mothers house.
    Sorry to hear of your sad news.
    Bless you xx

  5. It has been nice "catching up" with you and your family! :)


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