Friday, November 6, 2015

"A great wind blowing, raging sea...

...And rowers toiling wearily,
Far from the land where they would be.

And then One coming, drawing nigh; 
They care not now for starless sky.
The Light of life says It is I.

They care not now for toil of oar, 
For lo, the ship is at the shore, 
And their Beloved they adore.

Lord of the Lake of Galilee,
Who long ago walked on the sea,
My heart is comforted in Thee.

~Amy Carmichael

I read that quote above in Toward Jerusalem by Amy Carmichael and loved it. I felt it was definitely worth sharing! I have recently finished the book Jesus Unmasked by Todd Friel. It is *great* It's not a difficult read as some theology books can be. I highly recommend it! :) 

We have been enjoying warm temperatures this week! It has been truly glorious! Highs in the 60's and 70's in November (in Pennsylvania)!? I'll take it! I say hold off the snow and frigid temps as long as possible! It also means our wood supply lasts longer because we don't need to start up the wood stove yet! 

I've been staying busy (but a good-sort-of-busyness....the stuff a mama should be doing!). Homeschooling, housework, homeschool co-op, church, sticker making, teaching spin (group cycling) classes and visiting with friends and family takes up my time. I have been able to get some knitting done (as you will see at the bottom of this post) and manage (most days) to take a nap. With the time change, my body wakes me even earlier than normal and a bit of a nap is a must most days. 

Some photos from the past week...

My boys each tried on Pa's of course, mama had to take a photo!

Stella-the-cat found a home inside of one of Jaxson's cardboard contraptions...

She was actually laying outside of it like pictured above and then eventually she backed inside again and layed down! Doesn't she look comfy in there?....

I've been organizing in some of the cupboards...It always feels so good to have something tidy and organized...

 My Stella Cat makes me smile. Here she is, all tucked up and cozy in a basket. You will often find her laying in a basket (as I seem to have them in different places all through the house). She will even *make* herself fit into a tiny little basket. It always makes me chuckle!

The sun sets earlier and earlier...

My mom's birthday is next week but due to busy schedules, we decided to celebrate today! We all met at my dad's garage. My sister brought her girls! They were super sweet! I always love seeing them! I got to snuggle Audra to sleep. It was heavenly for this auntie!

I knit up a new winter hat for Audra and was so glad to find it fits perfectly...

Madelyn and I are self-proclaimed baby hogs. If Audra wasn't running around, then you would most likely find her in my or Mad's arms!

El, Dinah and Jaxson playing blocks...

Xavier the goof-ball...

I don't read a lot of fiction. I enjoy it from time to time but try to focus on reading my Bible and theology books (I desire to know God more)...that being said, I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I had seen the movie years ago but didn't remember most of it. I really enjoyed the book. Have you read it (or watched the movie)? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts!

I have begun reading The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul. I hope to grow in my sanctification and ability to even *begin* to fathom the holiness of our Father! I'll let you know more about it after I am deeper into it! I'm hoping I haven't read it before...but even if I have, I don't remember it so another read through won't hurt!

I hope your week is going well. Thanks so much for visiting!
I hope your weekend ahead is more-than-wonderful and God-glorifying!


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  1. Love all the pictures Katy. Nice hat that you made. Glad your enjoying the sun and warmth before the snow gets there. Have a very blessed weekend. Blessings joann


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