Monday, October 5, 2015

When you have a horrible, no-good, very bad day...'s best to spend time in prayer and focus on your blessings. I've had a busy, exhausting and difficult day. I won't go into it but I will say I was wonderfully glad to return to my cozy home and be with some of the people I love most in this world! I am short on words because I am just having a bit of a *low* day. We all have those from time to time, right? So...instead of lovely words here are a few sweet pictures from the weekend. 

It rained all day that meant family movie night. Xavier was fast asleep in no time. (Actually, he just looked over my shoulder as I typed and was surprised to see I took a photo of him, as he didn't even remember falling asleep!)...

Around about at home in October...

It's chilly and we have not started up the wood stove yet (we still need to fill up the wood shed for the's been such a busy time this summer) so I have candles lit most of the time as they give off the look and *smell* of cozy warmth. We are putting our afghans and fleece blankets (and our slippers) to good use as well!

I have meatloaf in the oven right now (chicken for me). Madelyn peeled and cut up potatoes to begin them cooking to make mashed potatoes. Xavier is heading to the basement to get a jar of my canned green beans from our garden. I am looking forward to a nice, *hopefully quiet* supper tonight with my family.

Thank you for visiting me here today. I am sorry there isn't much excitement in this post...but simple and cozy is good too...right? I hope you have a great week...I fully intend to *buck up* and put on joy for the rest of the week. Bad days don't have to rule us. I plan on hitting the hay early tonight...I will enjoy time in my Bible and prayer as I seek to glorify our Lord rather than focusing on my frustrations. I need to get the table set and finish supper up.

More of Him, Less of me....



  1. Simple and cozy are just what's needed after a hard day. It's okay to struggle - God allows it for our good. Keep leaning into Him.


  2. Last week was one of those rough weeks for me. I started counting all the ways I had been blessed so I could get out of my funk. I hope your time home with family, time with the Lord, and a good nights sleep makes tomorrow better!

  3. Awww....Katy! So sorry you were not feeling your usual self!! Your home looks welcoming and cosy. I had to smile at the increased use of blankets while the heating is not employed. We do that around here, too. I like to make a pact with myself to wait until we are desperate before I officially turn on the furnace. Your curtains seem to be made of the same material as mine in our kitchen. Hang in there....the Lord is with you each step of the journey. XOXO

  4. Katy, this post was lovely, and there is peace in the simple and cozy.. Rest and move forward... GOD is in control of it all.. and so ya know your words " Focus on the Lord not the frustrations is what I exactly needed to hear today... Thank You... you are an inspiration... even on those not so good days... :)

  5. Hope you're feeling better Katy!



  6. I think of all those Christians being persecuted for their faith. It helps me put my life in perspective. How blessed I am.

  7. David always comes to my mind when I am disgruntled, I go to the Psalms of where he says, "Why so downcast oh my soul, hope thou in God." I question myself as to the why, should I be, really? It causes me to quickly chose to not be 'there' for any length of time, as it will give way for a crack for the devil to come in. As one lady commented, she is so blessed, as I am too, and you. I pray you can be quick to leave it to God and be in joy and peace.
    Your sharings are always a pleasure.
    In Joy,

  8. Oh yes Katy, I know what you mean. Yesterday my dear husband was taken to the Critical Care Unit in our local hospital. He has sepsis following a routine biopsy. I've mentioned him to you before - he has haemophilia. Today his blood pressure was over 210 and his temperature was 39. He's still very poorly, but I did find things to put in my gratitude journal. I'm thankful for God holding us in his hands, for the prayers of good friends, the wonderful care Alan is getting. There is always much to be grateful for.


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