Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Trip to see the Elk!

Sunday afternoon, after church, we went home to eat and change. Then we traveled with Chris's family to see the elk. There is a great place about an hour away from us. They have all been there before (including my children) but this was my first time going. First, we ate...

Chris, cooking the hotdogs...

Daddy and his little girl...

X, binoculars in hand, ready to spot some elk...

This is the face Chris made while attempting to take a photo of us (it makes me smile every time I look at it)...

After eating we went into the visitor's center to look around first...

There were *a lot* of people there. I was truly surprised at the number of people they say visit this place (in the thousands)! It was a little overwhelming...I was *quite* glad when we got to go back outside!

The beautiful, autumn hills of Pennsylvania...

And then it was time to see the majestic elk. Luckily, my camera has a good zoom feature because they were *not* close up!

This herd (below) was quite a bit away, through trees and up a hill. I was quite happy that I could snap this picture with the zoom feature! I didn't have binoculars to use so I just used my camera to see them!

This guy was a little closer...

Take a look at this fella! I was super thrilled to capture this shot...

Chris took the picture below. When I saw how crisp it was, despite our distance, I was quite amazed! It's a *great* shot...

My silly boys...

Pennsylvania really is a beautiful place to live...

My family...

I hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour. It was a beautiful day and to be honest, at first, I wasn't looking forward to going. My anxiety kicked in full force (crazy, I know) and I really had wanted to just stay home and rest. Chris convinced me to go. He said he wanted to take in God's Creation with his girl (and how can I say no to that?). I am glad he pushed me to go. It was a beautiful day...beautiful scenery and so nice to spend time with my loved ones!

Thanks so much for visiting.
I hope you stop again soon!


  1. SO beautiful!! What a blessing to have had that special time together with your family. You are right...Pennsylvania is gorgeous. Hugs, Camille

  2. Awww! What a nice family shot. Jaxson and his bow tie.... (: (:
    Kids are sure growing up Katy. Thanks for sharing all of the gorgeous pictures. I bet it was a fun time.

    This weekend I'm getting the opportunity to go with two of our young adult children and some friends for a first time experience of camping and white water rafting in Virginia. I'm excited but kinda nervous too! I don't know that I'll get another opportunity and also have a chance to make (possibly) new friends, so I'm going to go for it (Lord willing)! (;

    Hope you're having a nice day Katy!


  3. WOW! Truly beautiful photo's, Pennsylvania looks breath taking . Katy well done for going, I know those anxious feelings and its not easy when you challenge them even when its doing something special with the family. Best Wishes :)

  4. What lovely pictures! That must have been a memorable outing for your family. The picture of all 5 of you is so nice. It's nice to see you in your pictures too!!
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  5. gorgeous! You are right. Pennsylvania is beautiful. I love to go there on vacation. It kind of reminds me of the mountains we have here in North Carolina. Simply beautiful!

  6. What beautiful photos, Katy! We have been to some buffalo farms, but never to see elk before, that is really cool! I can totally relate to that feeling of anxiety, it is so frustrating. I'm glad you went too, otherwise we wouldn't get to see how beautiful it is in your little corner of the world!

  7. I love living in PA! Great day to be outside and beautiful elk!

    Your family is beautiful,and those kids are growing up!


  8. Katy, when I lived in Wyoming back in the early 80's, it was common place to see herds of Elk. Many times, highways and interstates were brought to a stand still for hours, because of the hundreds and hundreds of Elk in a herd. They are definitely something to see!

    Grace & Peace.

  9. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it so I can here in Holland enjoy it with you.


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