Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our Fall Festival 2015

A busy week of preparation culminated into the wonderful fall festival yesterday (Saturday). It was a super busy, exhausting day but all went wonderfully. We praised the Lord for beautiful weather! 

Friday evening, I had to laugh at this sight (and take a photo, of course)...Chris and my brother in love pulling the porta-potty to get it washed down and ready for the festival. Such things are necessities! ;)

One of the cows...not a part of the festival...but I just like to photograph parts of the farm like this ~
(I was standing along the dirt road that goes back past the fields to direct vendors where to go...and during a lull in the 80+ vendors we had coming through, I snapped this pic)...

The vendors got all set up early in the morning...

We had a row of vendors up through the middle as well...

Grilling chicken...

Some of the cider we made...

My honey was there...of he was making change for us (I worked at the homemade donut/fries stand)...

We had great attendance and overall, a great festival!

Xavier (trying to be funny by making a weird face) got photo-bombed by our good friends!!! I *love* this picture!!!

My sister and her family came too!!! Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of Audra...(I was busy holding and dancing with her to the bluegrass band that was playing)...

Eloise smiles...

...and Dinah smiles...

The bluegrass band we had there was really good! It was so enjoyable to listen to them! Our donut/fries stand was right beside here so it was great!

My Xavier....

There were pony rides, horse/buggy rides, face painting and a hay maze for the littles...

Good friends of mine bring a mini-petting zoo each year for us! It's always a big hit! I just *love* all these animals!!!

Baby goats, micro pigs, a turtle, pigeons and more...

That's my mama in the rides on her pony, Jasper!

Horse and buggy rides...driven by Chris's uncles...

Madelyn helped us at the donut/fries stand and other places thankful for her!

My Jaxson...

Bluegrass Redemption playing...

The band even let Xavier play with them some! You can watch a video of it HERE!

I hope if you are local and came to the festival, that you enjoyed yourself! For everyone else, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the pictures! :) Thanks so much for visiting! Happy Fall Friends!

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  1. Loved all the pictures but especially the pumpkins and the mums. You are so good at capturing things as they are happening. Great post. Have a blessed week ahead. Blessings joann

  2. Katy, I wish I lived closer to go to your festival. It looks like all had a great time!
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  3. Where do y'all live? I always LOVE all the photos you share! We currently live in Atlanta and we long to move away one day!! We want land! :)

    Mrs. U

  4. That looks like so much fun, thank you for sharing! I am drooling over the apple cider. I can't wait until we can get it around here, sadly not as fresh as the kind you all make.

  5. Katy lovely pictures! I spent Saturday canning apple juice, my first time:) I thought of you all and hoped you had lovely weather. Best wishes.

  6. What a fun day! All the components of memory making! Thank you for sharing the fall inspiration with us :)


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