Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New (to us) Furniture!

I was super excited to get a new hoosier cupboard! The previous owner, unfortunately, was a smoker so it smells a bit...but I have washed it down and put cedar chips throughout it and have already noticed a big difference! (I've been burning many fall candles as well!)

There is a genuine flour mill inside of it too! How fun is that!?

I am so thrilled for the extra storage *although we don't have much in there at the moment due to the cigarette smell*. You will notice hanging on a couple of the nobs are Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox! Those were gifts for me from my dear friend, Joann! :)

The cupboard that *used* to be in the dining room (where the hoosier cupboard now takes up its residence) is now in the living room...

The above pic was kind of here it is with the flash...

Sleepy Stella...

And the bookshelf...that *was* in the living room had to be it found a new home in the school room (I have lots of bookshelves in there!). It isn't ideal but until my addition is done (where the new living room will be) and I have more room for this furniture love of will have to do!

I seriously have a love for old furniture. I love to acquire it and find places for it to fit perfectly in my home. My home isn't large I need to be selective in what pieces I can use (I usually can find a place for it though ~ I *make* it work!).

It has been a beautiful week here so far and we have been busy preparing for our family's fall festival (that is on Saturday)! If you are local, I hope you will stop by! We have over 80 vendors plus pony rides, a mini-petting zoo, hay rides, a hay maze for children, food, cider, and face painting! If you aren't able to stop, be sure to visit my blog next week! I'll be sure to post fun pictures! :)

Thanks for visiting! I hope you are having a great week!

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  1. Put some charcoal loose on paper plate in the cabinet it will help with the smell.

  2. Love the hoosier cabinet. Can you still use the flour mill? As for the smell, have you tried washing it down with murphy's oil soap? Or another thing is to dip cotton balls in vanilla and let them sit and absorb the odor. You are lucky to find such a gem! Good luck on at the fall festival.

    1. Thanks for the tips Jenn! :) I am not sure if the mill is still usable...but I probably won't use it anyway. :)

  3. Oh My ! Kati,

    I love your new find! I must also confess ... I am a twinge jealous of your home decorating abilities ...
    Praying you all have a wonderful time at your fall festival.


    1. Oh thank you....what kind words! My house is nothing fancy or new...and I am always afraid people will think it looks unkempt...but your kind words encourage me! Thank you!!! :D

  4. I love antiques as well!! I got an old Hoosier a couple years ago. Mine is white but is one of my favorite pieces!! I love everything about your home and your way of decorating!!

  5. Oh I love the hoosier, Katy! I have always wanted one, and sort of resigned myself that we could never afford one. I saw an ad on Freecycle for an antique kitchen cupboard, and I was blessed to be the person who was chosen. Imagine my shock, when dh went to pick it up, and it was a hoosier, in terrible shape and two pieces, but a hoosier! It has the flour bin too, though we don't use it, as we weren't sure what might have previously been in it. Can you use yours? We patched it all up, painted it with a barn red milk paint and here it sits in my kitchen, and wow, is it handy! I also like to buy old furniture and I change things around so much, my family is scared to know what they will come back to if they go out anywhere! I so love your blog!

    1. I am not sure if we can use our mill or not...I think I feel the same as you did about yours! :) I am glad you found one as well! Thank you for your encouraging words!!! I truly appreciate it!! :)

  6. Dear Katy

    Not sure if you have visited my blog this week, the winners of the animal blankies have been announced and you were one of the winners.


    I have a Hippo to send to you, however I need you address details. My email address is

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Jo xx


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