Tuesday, September 29, 2015

As September Comes to an End...

Things have been busy here, in our neck of the woods. It looks as though it will stay that way for a while...always much to do with schooling, housework, and other responsibilities. As this month draws to a close for this year, I thought I would just write a short "end of September" post. The boys are reading at the moment (Jaxson is reading Dr. Dolittle and Xavier is reading Moby Dick) so I have a few quick moments to share a few pictures from late...

Below is a broccoli cheese soup I made for supper one evening. I didn't try it but it got rave reviews from the family! You can find the recipe for it HERE...

Beautiful fall flowers...

 A bread box I purchased at the festival this year...

Yesterday, our homeschool co-op had a field trip to a local state park for a real archaeology dig. There were so many families interested in participating that they had to assign groups to different dates and times! Madelyn went with a morning group of kids (thus I have no photos of her) and I took the boys to the afternoon group.

A hundred years ago, there was a sawmill here...

The children were taught how to look through the dirt to find different things...

Here were some of the findings from the earlier group in the day and our group (just from our little square of land)...

The children learned a lot and really enjoyed it! This couple even did all of this for us for *free*! Wasn't that incredibly kind of them!? They taught the children about so much...from the area and about how archaeologists work! It was a great experience!

It rained yesterday and is raining today. We will continue on with our schoolwork, chores/housework and then music lessons for the children later this afternoon. With the dismal-feeling to the day ~ we may spend extra time reading or watching a movie at some point. I am going to light some candles and attempt an atmosphere of coziness in our home today.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your September has been enjoyed...and if times of trials were had, that God gave you strength to endure them and mold you more into the image of His Son as He brings you through them. I am such a work in progress and oh, how He is working on me. Many small struggles have happened and I have not always handled them with grace. He teaches much...but I seem to learn so slowly.
Always wanting the song of my heart to be: 
"He must increase, but I must decrease." 
~ John 3:30



  1. a wonderful post!
    that sounds like such a great place for the children to go!

  2. Mmm, broccoli cheese soup is one of my favorites ... my broccoli patch did well this year allowing me to freeze 37 quarts of broccoli this summer. Your photo has made me look forward to cooking up a big pot of broccoli cheese soup as soon as our weather turns cool enough to enjoy a hot, steaming bowl.

    Thank you for posting photos of your fall festival. It looks like it was a terrific success. After all the hard work and busyness of the fall festival, I would welcome a rainy day as they encourage me to slow down and take a few moments to rest.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  3. My kids love Broccoli Chees soup. I feel you heartbeat at the writing at the end. I seem to learn slow as well. I am so thankful for His grace but at the same time feel regretful that I may take advantage of it (not on purpose most of the time). I hope you have fantastic October ahead.

  4. Looks a lovely place for young children.fondly Michelle


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