Thursday, August 13, 2015

Twelve Sorta Crept Up On Us...

This boy right here...he's twelve....12!!! Can you believe it? I've been blogging for eight years Xavier was only four when I started! When I told him that, he was shocked (admittedly, I am too!) If you have been here for a while, you've watched him grow through the years. It is so fun to see how he has changed! Here is X from the first year I began blogging...look at that sweet face...

For his birthday, he will be camping out this weekend with his Dad, brother and cousins. We didn't do a party...but was just going to have Chris's parents (and mine, too) over for some cake and ice cream for the evening. My mom offered to bring pizza as well, so it turned into supper and dessert. :)

Xavier with his Ma and Grammie (other than me ~ the two women who love him most in this world)...

Time to blow out his candles...

That great hat on his head was a gift from Great Aunt Jo (you remember her, right? I've posted about her many times. We all love her so!)...she even got Jaxson one too (even though it wasn't his birthday!)...

We're just so thankful for this young man (how strange to say that..."man"...I'm not ready for him to be able to hold that title yet!). He enjoys working and running machinery especially. He is both his Pa and his Pop-Pop's right hand man (and his dad's too)! Although he wouldn't admit it (as he is not a huge fan of schooling) he is learning more and more every day and does really well with his math!

Xavier loves riding the mini-bike, his bicycle and scooters. He enjoys being outside the most and just got his first hunting license (much excitement has filled this house lately...he was so, so looking forward to getting that!) :) He has quite a sense of humor (even if we don't all appreciate it all the time...haha!).

I can't imagine my life without this handsome boy in it. Everything isn't always rainbows and sunshine when raising children, but even the days they challenge me, I know the Lord is molding me (and them) more into His image.

Thanks for following along with me all these years. Thank you for loving me and my children...watching us grow and change. Your comments, emails and friendships bless me immensely. :o)



  1. Happy Birthday Xavier you truly are a handsome young man. Thank you Katy for your lovely posts. So inspiring and God centered. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. He's still got a sweet face! (: Hold on tight Katy.....
    Our third child, our son who loves to hunt and fish and be outside at all cost; our kind hearted young "man" with a genuine love for others is leaving for college on Wednesday - - gonna be tough on this momma!!
    I'm constantly amazed at how fast this life is going. I sure have enjoyed watching your family grow and develop through the years as well. What a blessing it is to be a parent and feel such heart wrenching love. God is sooo good!!

    Have a nice weekend Katy, and always - thank you for sharing!


  3. He ha brown, I have probably been reading about him & the other children for most of that time. I sure each one is a joy to your family.
    Happy Birthday Xavier !!

  4. Happy Birthday X!!! (Remind him that he still has a couple of presents to open from us!) :)


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