Friday, August 28, 2015

♥ Around the House ♥

~Harriet Beecher Stowe

We are ready for fall here! Cooler temps (with an occasional hot day thrown in there), candles lit throughout the house and the smell of autumn all around! Although I don't want to hasten winter...I sure do love when fall arrives (even if I make it official a little earlier than I should).

Stella, all cozied up and snug in a basket, above.
Below, a gift from my Great Aunt Jo to me for my birthday...

Around about...

A t-shirt my sister got for me (for my birthday)'s so accurate (I love sloths too)...

Pumpkin and fall scented candles really make it feel like fall here! I love the pumpkin spice yankee candle but they are pricey. So, I wait until candles go on sale at Bath and Body Works and get a couple for the season (or I burn ones that I didn't finish last year ~ I admit, I am a candle hoarder)...

Jaxson loves bow ties and really wanted one...while out yesterday, Madelyn found (and bought) one for him! He was thrilled. I love his cute, unique style of dressing...

Apple harvest stickers? Yes, please! Mmmm, all reminds me of our family's Fall Festival which is coming up towards the end of September! :)

So what are *you* up to lately? Are you still enjoying summer or are you ready for fall too?

Thanks, so much, for your love and encouragement on my previous post (about our foundation). Chris's uncle is helping him to rebuild it and it is coming along! We are so, so thankful for him and his help...I will feel so much better once the foundation is 100% secure again!

I hope your day is as sunny and cheerful as mine is today. :)

In Christ,


  1. Jaxson!!!! Love it!

    -Aunt Nen

  2. Love the tie!
    A wonderful post.
    I have been enjoying some cooler weather, but today it was hot and very humid.
    Fall comes in spurts here.
    Bless your family, Katy!

  3. I love the bow tie.....................

  4. The bow tie is so cute! I am so looking forward to the fall -- my favorite season. Good luck with the foundation on your house. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  5. If you happen to have a TJ Maxx near you, I found large Yankee Pumpkin Candles there for $13 this week :) I love your blog. Your home is so cozy. -Shia

  6. Great gift from your Great Aunt. It's beautiful! Here it is stille summer but we have had dangerous thunderstorms, hail stones as big as ping pong balls and a whirlwind in the north of our country ( The Netherlands). Now it's less clammy. May God bless you and the family.


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