Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A *Quick* Hello!

 Xavier on the mini-bike

It's been almost a week since I last posted...things have been busy here though...between schooling, housework, making stickers (have you checked out my SHOP lately??), church responsibilities, deep cleaning places in my home, a family reunion and exercise....my planner has been pretty full! :) I thought I better stop quickly and just post a quick *hello* so everyone knows we are okay!

Below is just a *portion* of the many clothes that have been out drying on my clotheslines lately! I have usually had the lines *full*! Towels, clothes, sheets, sleeping bags (after camp outs) and more have been soaking up the sun and air lately...

My little guitar player...

A sleepy boy...

Madelyn and Mama...

Xavier (orange) and Jaxson (gray) waiting in the food line at the family reunion...

Chris and Madelyn enjoying their lunch...

A lot has been going on in our neck of the woods...I am sure your lives are quite busy too. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

I have a post floating around in my head...a deep, personal post. I have been struggling with my discontent with myself lately (I can be a bit of a perfectionist) and it is *not* God-glorifying which I am *not* pleased with. I have some things on my heart (maybe you are struggling too?) and when I can, I will post about it. I need to come up with the right words....I'm not quite sure *what* I want to say. Usually I just let it all pour out. So, if you enjoy my posts...keep an eye out for that one. I'll write it when I can. Until then, Lord willing, I hope you and yours are enjoying your week. :)


A Wise Woman Builds Her Home


  1. Will be on the lookout for that post. Things sure are busy in your part of the world. Mine not so much I did go to mail a letter today at the post office. Took a shower and made the bed. I also made homemade pizza for dinner it smells so good can't wait for roger to get home. Blessings joann

  2. Good morning Katy (its 9.39 am here) lovely post. Just write what ever is in your heart, let the words just flow at your finger tips. Wishing you a lovely day, Best Wishes :)

  3. Katy, your words are always so beautiful to me and inspire me so much as a wife and mother. And your home always looks so peaceful. How do you manage to keep it so clean? You should share some of your techniques, I could sure use some help in that department.

  4. Finally making myself sit down to read some of the blogs I enjoy so much, I have been run of my feet this Summer. School starts in September here in England, nearly ready for it all.
    I love seeing all that you have been doing.
    Fondly Michelle


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