Sunday, July 19, 2015

Loving the West Ladies

I just love the West you know who I am writing about? Vicki, Jasmine, Cecilia, and Hannah....the girls from Homestead Blessings! :) We have all their homesteading videos as well as their cookbook! We just adore their sweet, hard-working spirits. They are sisters in Christ and have come to a time of great need! What better way for the church to band together (during all this chaos in the world) than to help one another? I'm sharing a few pictures from around *my* homestead and then I will explain more on the West ladies towards the bottom of this post!

Ruthie is *not* a 3-legged dog...although she looks like she is in this photo...

If you read the West ladies' blog, you would know that after 14 years of homesteading on property they leased, it has come time for them to move. You can read more about that in depth HERE. Unfortunately, the sales from their DVDs and cookbooks did not provide them with enough money to purchase/build a new home. If you have ever followed along with these women, you know they are hard-working women. I don't know about you, but their faith, work ethic, joyful spirits and love completely inspire and encourage me. When I saw the page where I could donate toward their home fund, I did so joyfully. I appreciate these women and am glad to help in any way I can (honestly, when I first read their blog on this, my first reaction was to say "Move here!" haha!).

If you would like to help out our sisters in Christ, you can do so HERE. I know often people are afraid to donate because it sometimes seems to give people something for free. I mean, I know we are working hard to pay off our own house/land and no one helps us with it. I believe though, that Christ tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves. These ladies are in a bind and we know they are definitely not just looking for hand-outs. These women work.....and work hard. They don't take the road of convenience ~ so honestly, I imagine humbling themselves enough to ask for some help is difficult enough.

Every little bit can if you would, please do. I know it would bless them immensely (and I know that *I* for one look forward to them blogging about their new homestead at some point!). So technically, your donation would bless *me* and *my family* as well (and you and yours if you follow along on their blog). :o)


*I should be at church right now and am saddened that I am not. After going quite a while without anxiety attacks, I had a bit of one this morning. I needed to stay home so as not to end up sitting in church and crying through the whole service (as I tend to get terribly weepy when my emotions pique like that). Embarrassing....? Yes. Real life though...? Yes. I'm all about truth....even when it isn't *perfect*. xoxo
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  1. Katy, I remember back on your blog when your husband first put the lamp post down for you and the you planted the flowers around it. The flowers have grown so beautifully around the post. It's a beautiful picture. I too am donating to the west sisters because they have been a great influence in our lives though their DVDs and blog. I pray that God will open the doors of heaven for them and pour out a blessing only from which he can give. Also I will be praying for your anxiety that God will bring peace and serenity to your heart and mind. I am not in church today either and that is because I am just getting over a bad cold( I know a cold in the middle of summer ugh lol). But that is why we hide the word of a God in our hearts when we pray and read his word so on days that we can not get to the house of The Lord we can mediatate on his word.

  2. I too have anxiety but don't exactly have attacks. But I do know how it can be. I'm thankful that you are honest about this.

  3. Everything looks so pretty Katy! (: Hope you're doing well and enjoying this Lord's Day *anyway* (;

    Bless you!


  4. Ruthie... the three legged dog.. HA! At least it looks that way, I know she isn't really. ;) You'll have to tell me more about the West Ladies when we see you tomorrow. I, too, have had anxiety today... but unlike you getting weepy... I can't breathe! I did make it to church.. but had to fore-go singing the worship songs as I couldn't catch my breath.

  5. I will keep you in prayer Katie. I have only suffered an anxiety panic attack, by the grace of God, once. I will pray consistently. Thank you so very much for being the encourage that you are. Love in Christ,

  6. You are such a kind sweet soul Katy. May GOD Bless you generously.

    I too love the West Ladies and have their DVDs. I will go and have look at the link you have posted. Not sure if I can help from this faraway land, but I hope so.

    I suffer anxiety problems, and know too well the problems associated with it. These are the times I seek GOD the most. Take care of you xx

    Your garden is looking lovely.


  7. Anxiety attacks - or panic attacks - are horrible. I've had them for years, and they can really turn your ability to live your life and do the things you want/need to do upside down. Just, you know, deep breaths, pray, chamomile tea, whatever gets you over the fallout!

  8. You are certainly kind. I have seen their videos and will go through your link and see what's up. Your place is beautiful, and I know 'life happens,' but what a serene setting to settle your thoughts and heart.
    Many blessings.

  9. what do you do for your panic/anxiety attacks? I am at a loss at what to do anymore with it. Thanks for posting. Lovely blog.

    1. Along with time in God's Word daily, prayer, a loving husband, wise counsel from my pastor and his wife, I take Cymbalta every evening before bed. This is taken the edge off of anxiety...but not taken it completely away. :) Thank you for your kind words about my blog!


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