Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Homemaking: Using a Planner

I am definitely a Type-A sorta girl...I love to make lists and always need a planner. In high school I always had to keep a planner for my assignments and now, as a wife and mama I keep a planner as well. It helps me keep track of appointments, make lists and get things *done*! :)

I have an A5 sized Filofax. It is my go-to place all day long. Each night, I plan things that need done the next day. :)

I bought a laminator a while back (it was on clearance on amazon for a *great* price). I finally decided to break it out and put it to work...and oh my, now I am addicted to laminating! ;) I decided to make a few dividers and then, just got carried away with laminating.

The first page I laminated is a free printable from HERE. I cut it down, colored it and then *laminated* it! I punched some holes and *Ta-Da*! This is what I get to see each time I open my planner...

I made a bookmark (using scrapbook paper and my laminator)...

And dividers (you can see the different patterns I used in the different tabs)...

The last two dividers I made that you can't see in the picture above...

And then, for fun....I just went a little crazy ~ laminating is seriously addicting! ;) I'm not sure how I will use these yet, but it's still fun to have them ready for if I do need them!

 In the back of my planner I have this book of sticky notes. They are so pretty and fun...

I always like to write out what needs done for the day, what I am making for supper, appointments and plans...

Sometimes I do a little decorating and sometimes I don't (some people like to decorate their planners to the hilt...I am not one of those people. I like to keep it pretty simple. It's a tool for me in my career as a wife, mother and homemaker and I like to have lots of room to write and plan without the fluff!)...

Are you a planner? What do you use to plan? How do you organize your days and to-do lists? I would *love* to hear about it! If you have a post about it on your blog, please share a link! I would love to visit! I always love seeing how others plan and gleaning new ideas! :)

I sell stickers for your planner/scrapbooking needs! You can see them in my shop HERE!

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  1. Is this what you use for homeschooling also? I've been trying to find something to start planning out El's homeschool stuff. Since I am not very organized, I feel like I need a head start!

  2. Katy love your planner! Now I want a laminater:) I am the queen of list making but I have trouble with following through and doing the th I ng on the list :) have a great week blessings joann

  3. Your planner is adorable! I'm hoping someday I can have a nice planner as you have! Right now I'm using one I made from supplies from the Dollar Tree. I actually made 2, one for everyday & one for my Bible Studies. Have a great week!

  4. I love this - I thought I was the only one. (of course I know I'm really not). I have to write everything down, of course I do because I'm a blogger, but I write even the smallest of details out. My husband laughs at me because I schedule time to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea while I catch up on my TV shows. It's not my fault I'm a scatterbrain and a little (a lot) OCD about making sure I get everything done during the day.

    I Wrote a blog post about a month or two ago about my planner. Here is the Link.

    -Ashlee Michelle.

  5. Oh, Katy! A woman after my own heart. I love planners and love to plan. I do like your ideas here!

  6. I joined the Documented Life Project and Documented Faith and together they use a Moleskin planner and purty it up with tip ins paint you name it.

  7. Very nice pink planner. I use my computer on my computer in program IT is called. It was on my computer when I got it. I too like to plan.

    You sure need one when your on the go with your family and errands and appointments.

  8. I agree with you, Katy...laminating is fun and addicting! :) I had never thought of making dividers with pretty papers like you have done....dear me! I think you might just have me heating up that laminator soon. I'm sure Emma would love some of those incorporated into her school binders for the coming year. Too cute!! I am a planner, too. I like to keep lists and cross things off. I switched to google calendar quite some time ago and I *love* it!! My sweetie and I are able to *share* our calendar events and see what's been added. It really has simplified things around here. I keep a running list in a notebook in my drawer for things like shopping, etc. Happy Saturday to you! Hugs, Camille

  9. Yep i am a type a kinda girl to!!! Sometimes i decorate and sometimes i dont have time!


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