Friday, July 31, 2015

Green Beans in the Garden ~ Clean Clothes on the Line

*Is anyone singing the song from the West Ladies along with me right now?*

I harvested our first batch of green beans from the garden yesterday. It was a beautiful sun-filled day (as it seems today is going to be as well) and although a bit on the hot side, I still enjoyed being out in the garden picking beans! The children normally help but they were all three busy yesterday (helping grandparents, know, the normal business of *summer*).

As the jars washed in the dishwasher (the glorious helper that it is), I snapped beans!

After the jars were washed and still hot, I filled them with green beans, salt and hot water. If you have never canned before I highly recommend the West Ladies Canning DVD! :) It's great!

I got a couple loads of clean clothes out on the clotheslines! I love the cost of drying your clothes by sunshine and the breeze (*free*)!

The first batch of beans only gave me 6 jars full...but there will be more to come!

Now they just need to be wiped down, rings taken off and taken to the basement!

Winnie, Stella, and Ruthie were *quite* the helpers ;) ...

Winnie eventually moved so she could lay in the sun (it must be chilly in the house at only 83*!)...

 Have you been harvesting anything from your gardens recently? Have you started any canning/freezing? I would love to hear about it! :)

Have a great weekend ahead!


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  1. I love the West Ladies! A few years ago my husband bought me all the DVD's for my birthday. I want to get their cookbook.

    The green beans look great! Nothing like popping open a wonderful jar in the middle of winter.

  2. I just picked green beans and peas again this morning. Beans are in order for supper along with grilled chicken with my homemade bbq rub. Yum if I must say so myself. And I agree with Jen, nothing like popping open a wonderful jar in the middle of winter.

  3. I don't remember you giving the story of how you got Winnie. I read Stella's story.

  4. I am getting ready for my third picking of green beans. It is on the list for first thing tomorrow morning. So far my mom and I have jointly put up 90 quarts. Busy times!

  5. a wonderful post!
    I remember all your jars full from previous summers!
    don't know where the time goes :)

  6. With a new baby, we decided not to do a garden this year, but I sure miss it! Looks like you are enjoying yours. I'm starting to get clothes on the line again now that our baby is little older. Love my clothes line! Have a great weekend :)

  7. Hi Katy. I enjoyed the West Ladies DVD on canning. They really do make it look so simple. We have just finished putting the last of the blueberries in the freezer. Now the birds can enjoy their share. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.


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