Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Don't ever take a fence down...

...until you know why it was put up."
~Robert Frost

Ok, I must admit that the quote I used above has a *much* deeper meaning than what I am using it for here...but it works! :) 

We have lived here over 14 years. In all that time, there was an ugly wire fence between our yard and the neighbor's yard. Their house is on the other side of their property...but this fence was right near our home. It was *ugly*. I despised it. No matter how much I tried to plant things and use flowers to brighten the outside of our home...that ugly fence was always still there. (I was always glad, though, that foliage and trees helped hide it in the summer.) We never asked our neighbors if we could take it down because, frankly, we were too scared to (our neighbors are elderly and *not* scary....but for some reason, we were too nervous to just go and ask them if we could take it down). 

Fast forward to aunt gave us some of her hand-me-down decorative fencing. My mom brought it to us and said maybe we could put it in front of the ugly fence to help hide it a bit....

Still bummed because I just despised that ugly wire fence, the boys told me I should just go ask our neighbors if we could take the ugly fence down....but alas, I said that I just "couldn't", Xavier (the almost 12-year-old boy that he is) ran over and asked the neighbors *for* me!! When he came back with their reply, I couldn't decide whether to leap with joy or fall over in shock!!! Apparently, the ugly fence was on *OUR* property and we could take it down whenever we wanted to!!! It was there from previous owners (way back when)! Oh the excitement....(and regret!!! We could have taken this horrid fence down years ago!!). 

So, while I did some mowing, the boys got to work...

Yay, yay, yay! No more ugly fence! Now I have a pretty fence between the trees that naturally line the property line and my lovely hosta growing in front of it!

I am just over-the-moon about it! Funny how such little things can make such a *big* difference! :)

 It's kind of difficult to see the decorative fencing now...but that's okay with me. The pictures don't do it just looks *so* much nicer now!

From a distance...

I am *quite* full of smiles about it. I'm telling ya...little things can just be *great* things sometimes! And...I just have to add, after a summer of not-so-great weather (lots of rain), we are now enjoying some absolutely gorgeous days! Super comfy temperatures, sunshine and a breeze! It is just grand and does *so* much to lift the spirits! Thanks for stopping by to share in my bit of joy today! :o)


A Wise Woman Builds Her Home


  1. Isnt' that funny? I'm so happy that Xavier was brave enough to go and ask! lol It looks great and I agree.... it's the little things!

  2. Quite the improvement! It looks great, Katy.

  3. Hi Katy, The new fencing looks nice with the trees and the hosta plants. I sometimes think that children see things simpler than we as adults. Good for your son. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  4. funny how fear can hold you back....,,,,,,
    but now you have something to smile about every time
    you look in that direction!

  5. Hehe Katy, I had a little chuckle over this post.

    The solution for the ugly fence was so simple in the end. And to think it took so long...It is looking so much better now, I am pleased for you :)

    Thank goodness your son took the initiative to go ask the neighbours otherwise the fence would have been there for many years to come. They probably didn't like it either lol!


  6. I am so pleased that in the end you have something pretty to look at.
    It is looks lovely.
    Fondly Michelle

  7. Interesting how that fence belonged to YOU all along!! Yes, I agree...little things can sometimes be big! And, your weather and ours must have gotten mixed up this year. We usually have lots of rain and green grass....but, this year has been more like Southern California. (We get similar weather to Seattle...just so you can place me.) So glad your days are sunnier....Hugs, Camille


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