Thursday, June 18, 2015

"I love my garden, and I love working in it...

...To potter with green growing things, watching each day to see the dear, new sprouts come up, is like taking a hand in creation, I think. Just now my garden is like faith ~ the substance of things hoped for."

~L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams

We have our corn and green beans growing down at the big garden (that we share with Chris's parents). They are growing beautifully! It was time for us to get down there to get some weeding done (and Chris had hoped to get some more rows of corn planted but the tiller stopped working after making only one row. Chris spent a lot of time trying to fix it and had to just let it go for the night as the bugger didn't seem to *want* to be fixed right then, unfortunately.)

The corn is growing quickly and looking great! 

There's my poor hubby (and Xavier) trying to fix that tiller. It's always so frustrating when something breaks down/quits working...

Meanwhile, the two older children and I (and Chris ended up doing some as well) hoed up around the plants to weed around the plants. Oh my, it was hard work!!! We also pulled up *all* the milkweed plants that were around...

The cows sure have it tough, don't they? ;)

Since it often seems as though all I do is take pictures of everyone else working in the garden, I wanted to show that I definitely work too! :) Hair back, sweaty and really, altogether gross...but here we are (and black and white photos just seem to help make me look a *little* less icky)...

Look at my Madelyn...she worked *hard* and still looks absolutely adorable...

Madelyn and Daddy working alongside one another...Madelyn wanted to race. Chris, not so much! :)...

We got all the rows hoed up around and the milkweed plants pulled...finally getting home around 8pm to have supper! ;) Gardening can be quite exhausting work but so very worth it! I have to admit that I am *really* looking forward to all that delicious sweet corn and green beans!!! I am looking forward to eating it and canning it! 

Are you veggie gardening this year? If so, how is it going for you? 

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  1. When I reading this something my granny always said came to mind "a family that works together, prays together ands eat together stays together."

    My little garden is coming along. I have tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers and green beans in the "big" garden. Then there is cabbage, peas, lettuce, carrots and strawberries in the raised beds. We have had so much rain that is hard to keep up with the weeds!

  2. So wonderful! What a blessing it is to have all that fresh produce to look forward to. And, you all worked together on it...rewarding for sure! Our garden is going to get turned back into grass because it is in the wrong part of our yard...north corner of a north facing yard with lots of shade...not good for growing things. I must admit, I am sad about it. It's lovely to see your smiling face, Katy. Hugs, Camille

  3. Such a blessing to have family working together. We don't have a garden. We live in the city and have a conservation park behind our back yard, so the critters would find it and help themselves. There are a lot of veggie stands around as there is a large farming community nearby so I try to take advantage of that. May God prosper the seeds that are planted!

  4. Katy, I am overjoyed to see a family environment that is so sweet and productive! You are teaching your young ones well!! I am praying for your family...may the Lord bless you abundantly and prosper the work of your hands! I hope to get to 'see' more of you. Thanks for the comment that spurred a visit, new friend!

  5. A lot of work but worth it. My friend in N.B. has a garden. First year she made the size you have. next year another acre. now this year even bigger. What they have that come sup in plentiful. They give to people in the church.
    She makes Chutney. Do you know what that is? I think green tomatoes. not sure. She cans a lot. I suppose you do. You have a lot of land. God bless.
    Great helpers.

  6. Our garden here in the Northwest is about a month ahead of schedule. We have had three kinds of lettuce, radishes, snow peas and the Brussels sprouts and cabbage are just about ready as are the tomatoes. I just had surgery so I can't supervise much so I hope all is ok out there. Sure gives a lot of satisfaction to eat what we grow, doesn't it

  7. I was going to say, "The family that gardens together, stays together," but I see Wendi already stole my thunder.


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