Monday, May 18, 2015

The Great Yarn Purge & WIPs

The time had come...

I had *way* too much yarn (I have a habit of accumulating and then hoarding yarn. I think it's a sickness). Some of which I really didn't think I would find use for (although I'm sure once I donate it, I will find a need for some of the stuff I gave away...isn't that always what happens? *smile*). After going through baskets and bags I am keeping only the yarn in this tote...

These *spilling over* bags are full of yarn I am donating....

Random needles I found while going through yarn baskets (crazy how they accumulate places)...

Here they are...tucked neatly into my needle holder (*sigh*...having everything in it's place just makes me happy)...

Crochet hooks are all put into their case (and the extra hooks into a holder in the next photo down)...

Bamboo knitting needles....I like how they *look* but not so much their quality. I have had some break on me...

Just a *few* of my WIPs (works in progress)...

This is all my cotton yarn that I kept (in addition to the yarn in the tote). It's all ready to be used to make dish cloths and other fun projects...

This was my first bib that I knit but I am not happy with how the top finished up. I still need to make i-cord ties for the sides. Because I was unhappy with the top (the pattern was a bit unclear) I kind of tucked this aside because I was disappointed in how it turned out...

Although not pictured, I am also working on knitting a Yoda hat for Jaxson. I'll be sure to share it when it is finished! :) Remember, if you are interested ~ take a look at my etsy shop (there is a link in my right sidebar)! It's such a blessing to create things to help earn a little extra money for my family!

It's been a long day (last day of our homeschool co-op for this school was a wonderful time with a program and picnic with tons of fellowship and fun, but oh how exhausted I am ~ especially since I have been up since 4:45am!). I am off to relax a bit and spend some time knitting on Jax's hat before I head to bed.

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  1. Oh gosh, I need to do some yarn purging too. My daughter Lily already has a bin-full of yarn too. A friend of mine has two daughters who like to crochet so I'm going to take my extra yarn to them. I'm sure that they'll be delighted!

  2. I don't know anyone who does yarn crafts that doesn't horde yarn. It seems never enough until its overflowing. Good for you for spring cleaning! very inspiring!

  3. Some of my yarn is just for cuddling!! I like the bib if you attach the icord to the top it will look perfect.

  4. Yarn purge??? What strange idea is this? *glances guiltily at the yarn scattered around my house*

    Well done for sorting through and finding so much yarn to pass on. I'm still labouring under the belief I'll eventually knit my stash up. Should probably stop adding to it first though lol

  5. it seems like everyone is going through their stashes, and I'm getting inspired. It does feel good to have things organized. Hopefully I'll feel that way soon!


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